Tenders, quotes and contracts

The department adheres to the requirements of the Victorian Government Purchasing Board's (VGPBs) policies and guidelines for tenders, quotes and contracts.

Victorian Government Tenders System

The Victorian Government Purchasing Board provides access to Victorian Government tenders. The Tenders Vic website is an online portal that provides a platform for all Victorian government tenders to be publically advertised and for potential suppliers to respond electronically through the Elodgement system. Tenders Vic encourages market participation by providing potential suppliers with the opportunity to prepare and respond to tenders through a fair and equitable system.

Information for suppliers

The DJPR Supplier Portal will allow you to:

  • Respond to sourcing events
  • Maintain your organisation’s data including payment details.

For more information visit the information for suppliers page.

Social Procurement Framework

Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework enables departments and agencies to deliver greater benefits from their procurement spend.

The Victorian Fair Jobs Code

The Fair Jobs Code ensures suppliers and businesses benefiting from Victorian Government high value contracts and grants provide safe, secure and inclusive workplaces for their employees.

The Code requires suppliers bidding for procurement contracts worth $3 million or more (exclusive of GST) and businesses applying for Victorian Government grants worth $500,000 or more (exclusive of GST) with a commitment to create jobs, to hold a Fair Jobs Code Pre-Assessment Certificate.

For more information, see: The Victorian Fair Jobs Code.

Page last updated: 10 August 2022