Procurement forward activity plan

Procurement plan for 2019 - 20

This forecast Procurement Activity plan is prepared in response to the Victorian Government Purchasing Board's new governance policy developed under the procurement framework.

Under this policy departments are required to publish a high-level summary plan of forecast procurement activities to be conducted by the department over the next 12 months. The Quarters (Q) mentioned in the tables relate to the financial year.


Panel - Existing supplier panel

RFQ - Request for Quote

RFT/RFP/ITS - Request for Tender

SPC - State Purchase Contracts

CSR - Construction Services Register

DJPR Procurement Activity Plan for FY19 - 20

DJPR Procurement Activity Plan for FY19-20 DJPR Procurement Activity Plan 2019_20 .xlsx (XLSX 22.95 KB)XLSX icon

Page last updated: 8 October 2019