Strategies and initiatives


Victoria's Animal Welfare Action Plan

The government is has released an Action Plan for Victoria's animals.

Visit Victoria's Action Plan for animal welfare to find out more.

Wine industry development strategy

The purpose of the Wine industry development strategy will be to improve the long term performance and sustainability of the wine industry in Victoria.

Invasive plants and animals policy framework

The Invasive plants and animals policy framework presents the government's approach to the management of invasive species.

Victorian Resources Online

The Victorian Resources Online is your gateway to a wide range of information and associated maps related to Victoria's soil and landscapes. You can access this information at both statewide and regional levels across Victoria

Cultural and creative economy

Creative State - Victoria's first creative industries strategy

With more than $115 million in new funding, Creative State is designed to grow Victoria's $23 billion creative and cultural economy, turbocharge local creative enterprises, create new jobs and employment opportunities, and bring social and cultural benefits to Victorians.

Employment programs

Jobs Victoria Advocates

Jobs Victoria Advocates will support jobseekers in their communities. Advocates assist Victorians who need help finding work to access the information, advice and additional support they need.

Advocates will connect with people in libraries, community centres, public housing foyers, shopping centres, other community services and may also go to people’s homes in some locations to ensure everyone is aware of support available.

Jobs Victoria Employment Network

The Jobs Victoria Employment Network helps Victorians who face barriers to employment into jobs. The network is made up of Jobs Victoria Partners who support jobseekers to get job-ready, and work closely with employers to help them plan their recruitment and connect with local candidates.

Working for Victoria

The $500 million Working for Victoria initiative helps Victorian jobseekers find work and employers find workers fast. This includes people who have lost their jobs and businesses who need workers due to the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Social Enterprise Strategy

The Victorian Government’s $10.8 million Social Enterprise Strategy aims to improve and expand Victoria’s social enterprise sector. The strategy is the first of its kind in Australia and aims for employment participation for all jobseekers.

Work and Learning Centres

Jobs Victoria Work and Learning Centres help jobseekers, especially those living in public housing, to find local training, work experience and jobs. Jobs Victoria works in partnership with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and other local community agencies to run five Work and Learning Centres around Victoria: located in Fitzroy, North Geelong, Moe, Ballarat and Shepparton.

Youth Employment Programs

Jobs Victoria offers a range of programs to support young jobseekers.

  • The Youth Employment Scheme (YES) provides young people with an opportunity to work in the Victorian Public Service for 12 months while completing accredited training.
  • The Working for Victoria Youth Employment Program offers 6–12 month roles in Victorian Government departments and agencies. Participants undertake a short training course in public sector administration and receive job-preparation, mentoring and post-placement support.
  • The Jobs Victoria Community Traineeship Program offers eligible young people a job and accredited training in health, community services and local government. The program is available in the City of Greater Bendigo, City of Greater Dandenong and City of Hume.

Local government

Know your council

The Know Your Council website provides access to the public to information on council performance. Know Your Council allows you to:

Local Government Act 2020

The new Local Government Act 2020 is the most ambitious reform to the local government sector in over 30 years. The Act will improve local government democracy, accountability and service delivery for all Victorians.

Find out more about implementation of the Act on Engage Victoria.

Gender equity in local government

Gender equality and diversity benefits all of us. It makes communities, councils and our State stronger. The 2020 local government elections have seen more women than ever before elected to represent their communities.

Local Government Victoria helps to fund several programmes to promote and support gender equality in local government. It has developed a best practice guide and supporting research companion, for promoting gender equity in local government.

Victorian Aboriginal and Local Government Action Plan

The Victorian Aboriginal and Local Government Action Plan is an important resource for Victorian councils. It recognises, celebrates and shares good practice and presents a practical framework to help councils:

  • improve relationships with Aboriginal communities
  • promote reconciliation
  • engage Aboriginal people in planning, decision-making, employment, programs and services.

Tourism, sports and major events

Active Victoria – A strategic framework for sport and recreation in Victoria 2017-21 

Active Victoria is our plan to strengthen the sport and recreation sector, boost participation and ensure every Victorian has the chance to be involved.

Download the Active Victoria plan.

Change Our Game 

The Victorian Government is committed to increasing the number of women and girls participating in sport and active recreation, from grassroots through to leadership roles.

The Change Our Game initiative aims to increase leadership and participation by women and girls by delivering on the nine recommendations outlined in the Inquiry into Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation outlined nine recommendations

Fair Play Code 

The Fair Play Code sends a loud and clear message – that bad behaviour, violence, cheating and intimidation has no place in sport and recreation in our state.

Through the Fair Play Code we are making sure that individuals, clubs, leagues and associations know what to do if they encounter bad behaviour both on and off the sporting field.

Download the Fair Play Code plan.

Home Ground Advantage 

The Victorian Government's game plan to assess and determine the future needs of Victoria's sporting stadiums and precincts is outlined in the Home Ground Advantage – Victoria's major stadia strategy.

Download the Home Ground Advantage plan.

Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy

The Victorian Government's objectives for supporting the growth and sustainability of the tourism, events and visitor economy sector are outlined in the Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy (PDF 1427.08 KB)PDF icon

Download the Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy (DOCX 1928.22 KB)DOCX icon.

Victorian Visitor Economy Action plan

The action plan to implement the Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy over the short to medium term is outlined in the Victorian Visitor Economy Action plan Victorian Visitor Economy Action Plan (PDF 1895.64 KB)PDF icon

Download the Victorian Visitor Economy Action plan Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy Action Plan 2016-2020 (DOCX 90.63 KB)DOCX icon.

Victorian Visitor Economy Progress Report July 2018

A summary of how the Victorian Government is tracking in delivering on the Strategy's objectives is outlined in the Victorian Visitor Economy Progress Report July 2018 Victorian Visitor Economy Action Plan (PDF 1895.64 KB)PDF icon

Download the Victorian Visitor Economy Progress Report July 2018 plan Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy Action Plan 2016-2020 (DOCX 90.63 KB)DOCX icon.

Precincts, suburbs and regions

Business Precincts

The Business Precincts portfolio is leading the development of state-significant areas with the aim of creating more quality housing and employment while building on Melbourne's legacy of distinctiveness, liveability and sustainability.

Business Precincts will lead and coordinate precinct planning and delivery working in partnership with local government, the community and private sector.

Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund

The Regional Jobs And Infrastructure Fund supports regional development by investing in growing jobs, building infrastructure and strengthening communities in regional Victoria.

Regional Partnerships

There are nine Regional Partnerships across the state that have been established to give regional communities greater say about what matters to them and ensure their voices reach the heart of government. Partnerships help to increase collaboration between communities, industry, businesses and government to address the most important challenges and opportunities in each region.

Each Regional Partnership is guided by a diverse group of members drawn from local communities, businesses and the three-tiers of government. They engage with their communities on priorities for their region, which are then presented through to government.

Regional Partnerships are the centrepiece of Victoria's Regional Statement.

Metropolitan Partnerships

The Metropolitan Partnerships are advisory groups established by the Victorian Government. The partnerships are a way for local communities to engage directly with state and local governments, and advise the Victorian Government of the top priorities for jobs, services and infrastructure across the region. There is a metropolitan partnership for each region of Melbourne, including Inner Metro, Inner South-east, Western, Northern, Eastern and Southern.

Mining and resources

Extractive Resources Strategy

Victoria is growing fast and we need to build 2.2 million additional homes as well as new infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and transport networks.

The state's first Extractive Resources Strategy will help Victoria grow.

Minerals Resources Strategy

Victoria's wealth was built on gold mining and the industry remains important to our economy, particularly in regional areas. State of Discovery, the Mineral Resources Strategy 2018–2023, is focussed on helping grow investment and jobs in Victoria's minerals sector.

Small business

Small Business Victoria offers a range of support services for Victorian businesses to grow and expand, including access to:

Wellbeing and Mental Health Support

This program provides mental health support for Victorian small business owners dealing with the challenges presented by coronavirus (COVID-19). Current support under this program includes the Partners in Wellbeing helpline (1300 375 330)  which provides confidential, one-on-one wellbeing support and free access to financial counsellors.

Business Recovery and Resilience Mentoring

This initiative delivers free, customised mentoring to small businesses affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Eligible business owners can apply now to receive up to four 2-hour mentoring sessions with an experienced professional who will help them make informed decisions about the future of their business. This initiative helps businesses mitigate risks and financial exposure, build customised strategies for recovery, market transformation, digital literacy, supply chain diversification and upskilling of existing employees.

Upskill My Business

The Upskill My Business website connects Victorian business operators with free short courses, online events and resources from the state's top education providers and industry experts. The courses can help businesses to find new customers, prepare for a strong recovery or prepare for new market conditions.

Small Business Bus

The Small Business Bus delivers business advice in metropolitan, rural and regional locations, showcasing local capability and offering practical advice. Bookings for the ‘travelling office on wheels’ will open shortly.

Individual coaching

Business owners and those intending to open a business who require advice unique to their circumstances will be able to book a free 45-minute coaching session. The coaching session can be used for setting directions, resolving key issues and developing action plans to achieve business goals.

Group coaching

Group coaching will be available for all Victorian business operators and those intending to open a business. The coaching will be delivered virtually and face-to-face by experts and will enable participants to confidently start or grow their business. Coaching topics will include starting a business, business planning, marketing and developing digital strategies.

Ministerial Councils

Multicultural Business Ministerial Council

The Multicultural Business Ministerial Council's role is to bring their experience as connected, innovative and productive small business operators to a consultative forum that helps government understand first-hand the issues common to the sector.

Small Business Ministerial Council

The Small Business Ministerial Council's role is to bring their experience as connected, innovative and productive small business operators to a consultative forum that helps government understand first-hand the issues common to the sector.

Fair Payments Policy

The Victorian Government's Fair Payments Policy exists to support small and medium businesses by increasing the timeliness and certainty of cash flow. The policy applies to department and agency contracts entered for goods and services, including Works or Construction Services.

From 1 January 2021, Victoria’s 30-day payment terms have been permanently reduced to 10 business days for all small business contracts where the value of goods and services is under $3 million.

Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme

The Victorian Government introduced a Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme to alleviate financial hardship faced by tenants and landlords as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). Please refer to this Policy Guidance Policy guidance - Commercial Tenancies Relief Scheme (DOCX 78.33 KB)DOCX icon for clarity on matters including the eligibility criteria and documentation requirements

Trade and investment

Access Program

The Access Program offers export-related assistance and in-country expertise to Victorian companies visiting overseas markets, particularly the Americas, Japan, South Korea, Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, China, India and Southeast Asia.'

Advancing Victorian Manufacturing

Advancing Victoria's Manufacturing. A Blueprint for the Future provides the vision for the Victorian manufacturing industry, focusing on areas that will prepare Victorians for the jobs of the future, encourage innovation, build scale, capability and supply chain excellence, and foster a globally competitive business environment.

Export Skills Program

The Export skills program provides new exporters with essential education and training to be export-ready. The Victorian Government offers this program through partnerships with various industry associations.

Go Global

Go Global is a free online tool for Victorian businesses with a registered ABN to find out what support is available to them for improving export capabilities.

Local Jobs First

The Victorian Government is the largest procurer of goods, services and construction works in the state, and uses its purchasing power to help develop local industries, create jobs and boost economic activity across Victoria.

Victoria’s e Local Jobs First policy is the strongest  industry development procurement regime in Australia. It is designed to ensure that local businesses are given full and fair opportunity to compete for large and small Victorian government contracts — ensuring that local projects create opportunities for Victorian businesses and workers.

Find out more about Local Jobs First – VIPP.

Victoria's Trade Statement

Globally Connected: Victoria's Trade Statement explores global trends that are shaping a new era in international trade. It highlights how the Victorian Government is supporting businesses to seize trade opportunities.