Small business


Small Business Victoria helps businesses to plan, start and grow by providing information and assistance, expert business advice and low cost and local skills development training opportunities.

We also administer the following legislation:

  • Public Holidays Act 1993
  • Summer Time Act 1972 (daylight saving)
  • Small Business Commission Act 2017
  • Shop Trading Reform Act 1996
  • Retail Leases Act 2003
  • ANZAC Day Act 1958 (except sections 3, 4 and 4A)


Strategies and initiatives

Small Business Victoria offers a range of support services for Victorian businesses to grow and expand, including access to:

  • Small business bus

    The Small business bus visits a variety of locations in Melbourne and regional Victoria, acting as a 'travelling office on wheels'. Bookings for a free 45 minute face-to-face consultation with an expert business mentor aboard the bus can be made through our website, as well as further details on the range of programs services.

  • Small business mentoring program

    Mentoring services are provided by highly experienced business people with skills and qualifications in a wide range of industries and disciplines.

    Small business workshops and events

    Small Business Victoria workshops and events are available to Victoria's small businesses. Held at both metro and regional Victoria locations, Small Business Victoria workshops are run by experts in their field. The workshops cover a range of business topics from starting your business, understanding business planning essentials to improving time management and developing digital strategies for your business.

  • Small business festival

    The Small business festival takes place annually each August, and comprises more than 500 events including workshops and seminars across metropolitan and regional Victoria provided through collaboration with industry groups, private organisations and agencies across three levels of government.

Ministerial Councils

Multicultural Business Ministerial Council

The Multicultural Business Ministerial Council's role is to actively promote Victoria as a culturally diverse business centre, providing a forum for strategic business networking and promoting Victoria's trade agenda in emerging markets to better support people from non-English speaking backgrounds in their small business ventures.

Small Business Ministerial Council

The Small Business Ministerial Council's role is to encourage small businesses to innovate and grow in a dynamic environment, understand the pressures of regulatory red tape and aim to reduce it where possible, and voice common small business issues in the community.


Small business regulation review

Small Business Victoria is reviewing the regulatory burdens placed on small businesses across the state. Cutting red tape for small businesses supports entrepreneurs and helps business grow, contribute to Victoria's economy and generate new employment opportunities.

Small businesses and industry associations are being consulted throughout the review and given the opportunity to provide feedback on key regulatory issues. Visit the Small Business Retail Regulation Review website.

Divisional owners and entities

Small Business Victoria

Small Business Victoria is part of the Employment, Investment and Trade group within the department.

Victorian Small Business Commission

The Victorian Small Business Commission provides quick, effective, neutral and low cost mediation services to small businesses.

Contact details

For all enquiries about business services and programs:
Web: Business Victoria website
Phone: 13 22 15

For information about the Victorian Small Business Commission or to make a claim:
Web: Victorian Small Business Commission website
Phone: 13 VSBC (13 8722)