Regional development


The focus of Regional Development Victoria is to build stronger economies and communities in regional Victoria through employment, investment and infrastructure. The department works to facilitate new investment by funding infrastructure for strategic projects, delivering integrated programs and strategies to grow a sustainable business economy, building resilient, competitive and productive regional economies.


Strategies and initiatives

Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund 

The Regional Jobs And Infrastructure Fund supports regional development by investing in growing jobs, building infrastructure and strengthening communities in regional Victoria.

Regional Partnerships

There are nine Regional Partnerships across the state that have been established to give regional communities greater say about what matters to them and ensure their voices reach the heart of government. Partnerships help to increase collaboration between communities, industry, businesses and government to address the most important challenges and opportunities in each region.

Each Regional Partnership is guided by a diverse group of members drawn from local communities, businesses and the three-tiers of government. They engage with their communities on priorities for their region, which are then presented through to government. 

Regional Partnerships are the centrepiece of Victoria's Regional Statement.

Victoria's Automotive Transition Plan

The Victorian Government has provided more than $100 million of targeted assistance as part of Towards Future Industries: Victoria's Automotive Transition Plan, to assist businesses and workers affected by the closure of major car manufacturing in Victoria.


Ballarat Station precinct redevelopment

The Ballarat Station precinct redevelopment involves the development and operation of an integrated hotel and exhibition/convention centre, including adapting the Heritage Goods Shed and related public space, in partnership with the private sector.

Grants, awards and scholarships

Regional Development Victoria grants program

Regional Development Victoria's grants program supports regional councils, business and other organisations in developing and facilitating investment, creating jobs, and increasing the number of innovative enterprises in regional Victoria.


Regional Partnerships

Nine Regional Partnerships have been established by the Victorian Government across the State to give regional communities greater say about what matters to them and ensure their voices reach the heart of government.

Be part of the conversation! Share ideas and have your say about what matters in regional Victoria. Share ideas about opportunities and issues online at the Engage Regions website.

Divisional owners and entities

Regional Development Victoria

Regional Development Victoria is the government's lead agency in developing rural and regional Victoria

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