Priority Precincts

Priority Precincts is a new portfolio within the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions tasked with identifying geographic areas of opportunity to support jobs and housing growth, while building on Melbourne's legacy of distinctiveness, liveability and sustainability.

Victoria's priority precincts are areas identified as having strong economic and social opportunities. The initial priority precincts include:

  • Parkville (including the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct)
  • Arden
  • Fishermans Bend
  • Richmond to Docklands
  • Sunshine

The Priority Precincts portfolio will also be responsible for whole of government coordination of Victoria's National Employment and Innovation Clusters (NEICs). The NEICs include Dandenong, Fishermans Bend, La Trobe, Monash, Parkville, Sunshine and Werribee.

 By identifying Victoria's priority precincts, we are sending a signal to the community, our federal and local government partners, and industry about where the Victorian Government will be putting in extra effort to make sure these places grow and excel.

A concept design of the new Arden precinct, which includes the entrance to the North Melbourne Metro Tunnel Station.

An aerial view of the Fishermans Bend precinct and wider metropolitan Melbourne