Mining and resources


The department promotes and facilitates Victoria's earth resources industry by providing geoscience information to help reduce exploration risk. The department also regulates the industry through licensing, risk management, compliance responsibilities and community engagement, to ensure that the industry meets legal and environmental standards, and facilitates the development of low-emission resources.


Strategies and initiatives

Balancing the needs of the environment, community and industry

Earth Resources Regulation is implementing strategies to safeguard the health and wellbeing of local communities. The regulator ensures that earth resource developments do not pose environmental and public safety risks and are accountable to local communities. This is achieved in partnership with the earth resources industry and other stakeholders.


The Stavely Project

The Stavely Project, a collaboration between Geoscience Australia and the Geological Survey of Victoria, is a contribution to the broader UNCOVER Initiative which is being led by the Australian Academy of Science. The initiative seeks to address the challenges of 'greenfield' exploration in Australia through the provision of fundamental geoscience data and concepts.

The CarbonNet Project

The CarbonNet Project is investigating the potential for establishing a world class, large-scale carbon capture and storage network.

Grants, awards, and scholarships

TARGET initiative

The TARGET minerals exploration initiative is a Victorian Government initiative designed to increase investment in exploration for base metals and gold in Victoria.

Divisional owners and entities

Earth Resources Policy and Programs branch

Earth Resources has an economic and industry development focus, supporting and promoting investment opportunities in the earth resources sector.

Earth Resources Regulation branch

Earth Resources Regulation has a regulatory and compliance emphasis, with responsibilities including licensing, risk management and community engagement.

Low Emission Resources branch

Low Emission Resources is investigating and promoting the development of low carbon gas-emitting energy sources and carbon sequestration technologies.

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