Statement of Expectations for Employment Information and Compliance

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Dear Secretary - Richard Bolt
Department of Economic Development Jobs Transport and Development,

Statement of Expectations for Employment Information and Compliance

We are pleased to provide you with this Statement of Expectations (SOE) for the Employment Information and Compliance unit (EI&C) of your department. This SOE applies for the period 2016-17 or until otherwise amended.

Improving the administration and enforcement of regulation

This SOE sets out our expectations of EI&C's contribution to the Government's Regulation Reform Program to reduce red tape and improve regulatory practices. 

This SOE outlines key governance and performance objectives and targets aimed at promoting greater efficiency and effectiveness in the administration and enforcement of regulation and thus reducing its cost impact on businesses, not-for-profit organisations, government service providers and households.

As Minister for Industry and Employment and Minister for Industrial Relations, we are responsible for the administration of the Child Employment Act 2003 and the Long Service Leave Act 1992 respectively, which provide for the protection of children in employment and general entitlements of Victorian employees to long service leave. Regulation of both areas affects businesses and the broader Victorian community.  This Statement should be read within the context of the objectives, obligations and functions outlined in these Acts

Improvements and targets

Based on consultation with your department, we have identified some key areas of governance and operational performance where there are opportunities for EI&C to make improvements that could reduce cost impacts on business, whilst maintaining adequate regulatory protections.  In response, EI&C is expected to identify activities it will undertake to achieve the following performance improvements and targets: 

Meet small business needs

  • Small business can be impacted to a greater degree by regulation. We expect EI&C to develop an assistance program which specifically targets and addresses the needs of small businesses to understand and comply with their obligations in the areas of child employment and long service leave. We expect that EI&C will provide clear, consistent and appropriately targeted information and advice.

Implement risk-based strategies

  • We expect EI&C to develop a risk-based framework for the regulation of child employment and long service leave laws to ensure the efficient allocation of resources, proportionate to the level of risk where breaches of those laws occur. Once developed, we expect a compliance strategy is to be implemented to target activities proportionate to their level of risk.

Seek regular feedback from stakeholders

  • Ongoing consultation with stakeholders is vital for a regulator to understand the impact of the work they perform and is one of the most efficient and effective ways to encourage compliance with legislative obligations. We expect EI&C to seeking regular feedback from stakeholders, employers and employees, about the effectiveness of the regulatory processes it administers, and to identify opportunities to simplify its processes, where practicable.

Enhance the accountability and transparency of regulators

  • Processes and practices to be in place to enhance the accountability and transparency of regulators to their stakeholders and to the Victorian community, without jeopardising the need for confidentiality or undermining the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement actions. We expect EI&C to develop performance measures which are appropriate for this purpose and  report on the  outcomes.


Reporting on your progress to achieve these SOE performance targets should be undertaken in the context of annual financial reporting to avoid duplicated reporting schemes. As part of annual reporting, regulators are expected to report on:

  • current baseline levels for performance targets in this SOE; and
  • activities to be undertaken to reach the performance targets and improvements set out in this SOE.

We expect that EI&C within DEDJTR will respond to this Statement, outlining how it intends to achieve performance improvements set out in this Statement. We also expect that these SOE performance targets will be incorporated into EI&C's Corporate Plan, and this SOE should be published on the Department's website in due course. 

We appreciate EI&C's efforts and look forward to seeing EI&C continuously working towards achieving best practice in the administration and enforcement of regulation.

Yours sincerely

Hon Wade Noonan MP
Minister for Industry and Employment 
Hon Natalie Hutchins MP
Minister for Industrial Relations  

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