Communique 11 - May 2020

Letter to the Editor graphic
To highlight the work of the Stakeholder Advisory Panel, a letter to the editor was released to newspapers in April 2020.

The eleventh meeting of the Stakeholder Advisory Panel for the Victorian Gas Program's (VGP) Onshore Conventional Gas Studies was an online gathering on Thursday, 23 April 2020.

This was the first meeting of the Panel since the Victorian Government announced its intention to allow for an orderly restart of onshore conventional gas exploration and development.

The Government’s announcement highlighted the work of the Stakeholder Advisory Panel in providing oversight of the scientific studies undertaken to understand the potential for further discoveries of onshore conventional gas and the risks, benefits and impacts of developing the resource.

The Panel was briefed on the ongoing publication of the VGP’s final technical reports and the continuing engagement with councils, stakeholders and community groups to explain the detailed findings of the scientific studies.

The Panel was also updated on the Petroleum Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 (Petroleum Bill) currently before Parliament.

The Petroleum Bill provides for the orderly restart of on-ground petroleum exploration and production activities under the Petroleum Act on 1 July 2021. The new amendments will also require:

  • increased consultation with the Victorian community by gas explorers and producers
  • decision-makers to consider additional social, economic and environmental factors
  • the publication of information about certain outcomes under the Petroleum Act.

The Stakeholder Advisory Panel’s terms of reference have now been completed and the remit of the Panel will finish on 30 June 2020.  It is intended that the Panel meets in June 2020 to discuss the final reports of the VGP.

Page last updated: 2 June 2020