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Managing Director of Pedders Suspension, Mark Pedder, believes there continues to be a range of opportunities in Australian manufacturing, and encourages automotive supply chain businesses to look at the Victorian Government assistance available.

Video Transcript

[Title:  Opportunities for auto supply chain businesses and workers]

Mark Pedder - Managing Director, Pedders Suspension

Hi, I'm Mark Pedder, Managing Director of Pedders Suspension.  We're a business that's been around in Australia since 1950.  My grandfather started the business as a welder.  Yeah, the combination of old English cars and rough Australian roads was the perfect thing for a suspension company.

[Vision:  Manufacturing suspension springs - Mark Pedder speaking]

We've now currently got 130-odd outlets in Australia, with a mixture of company stores and mainly franchise stores.

[Vision: Staff working]

Yeah, we've got the core spring manufacturing plant at our head office here in Keysborough, and that's been around for about 20-odd years.  And it really is a world-class facility.

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Like, we're exporting into most parts of the world.

[Mark Pedder speaking]

When we heard about the closure of the automotive manufacturers it was a bit of shock.  You know, we've grown up having manufacturing in Australia at that level.  And then you think of the, you know, the thousands of thousands of people that will be affected by that, it was really disappointing.

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But those people have got a reason to feel positive.

[Mark Pedder speaking]

The automotive aftermarket is extremely strong.  We're showing great growth.

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You know, from a mechanic's point of view, there's a huge shortage of quality mechanics, you know, in the workforce.

[Mark Pedder speaking]

And, management opportunities, manufacturing opportunities, really recommended these guys to, you know, put their resumes out there.

[Vision:  Suspension springs and factory worker]

If you're a quality person you're going to get some work.

[Mark Pedder speaking]

Yeah, the businesses that have been directly affected by the closure of the manufacturers I think, you know, are in, you know, as hard, if not harder a situation than the employees.  From a HR point of view on these businesses they should be, you know, looking at that Victorian Assistance Program.  Those businesses that believe that they have got a product or service that they can export, there's so many programs and there's so much information about.  They can get out there and do these shows, do these networking events.  The Victorian Government Assistance Program with the, you know, the financial benefit for me as an employer to bring people on, I think is a great thing. 

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It gives us the ability at a low risk to try some people and just see what they're like.

[Mark Pedder speaking]

The Victorian Government has been great with all the things that they've been doing for our industry.  Just pick up the phone, the support that I've received has been great.  For the guys and girls out there that have been affected by the closure of the manufacturers don't get too downtrodden. 

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The automotive aftermarket in Australia is strong.

[Mark Pedder speaking]

For quality people, you know, we're chasing them.

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