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Managing Director of Dolphin Products, Mario Turcarelli, tells us how the automotive supply chain company has managed to find new successes through adaptability and the support and assistance received from the Victorian Government.

Video Transcript

[Title:  How can the Victorian Government support my business?]

Mario Turcarelli - Managing Director, Dolphin Products

Dolphin Products, with its expertise in tooling, got into automotive in the late fifties, and started with Ford, and eventually was making automotive product for Mitsubishi, Toyota, General Motors.  When the automotive industry closure was announced there was a lot of insecurity from the people.

[Vision:  Staff working]

But in winning new projects, new customers, and ongoing business in non-auto areas, our people now feel more secure, more comfortable with Dolphin.  We've done that by sharing our long-term plan.

[Mario Turcarelli speaking]

We've had some really good help from the Victorian Government in helping develop a strategic plan.  And, it's a five year strategic plan.  We review that every year.  We share that with our management team and all our employees here. 

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And we get buy-in to make sure that everyone knows the direction of Dolphin.

[Mario Turcarelli speaking]

And our long-term plan is to double the size of this business.

[Vision:  Staff working]

There's opportunities for the people in the industry.

[Mario Turcarelli speaking]

I've recently hired two ex-Holden engineers.

[Vision:  Staff working - Mario Turcarelli speaking]

We've built up the expertise of the business, and that's given us the ability to diversify into a lot of areas, medical, telecommunication for mining.

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We've recently won a really exciting opportunity to supply co-moulded plastic on metal parts, and that opens up a whole new export opportunity for automotive for us.  We've had some really great help in training our employees from the Government, particularly lean manufacturing.

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And that gives the employees the skills to be able to apply their talents, not just in automotive, but in the other new products.

[Mario Turcarelli speaking]

We've also had the sales and marketing expertise to help us with our Waterdale brand. 

[Vision:  Products]

We're going to be making consumer products.

[Vision:  Award certificate - Finalist Business Excellence 2016]

And it's going to really drive Dolphin forward.

[Mario Turcarelli speaking]

It's really important to get your brand out there, and we've had some really good help from the Victorian Government through industry forums, through networking events.

[Vision:  Products]

We've been exposed to some new and exciting areas like caravanning and aerospace, and this opens up some fantastic opportunities.

[Mario Turcarelli speaking]

Dolphin Products this year celebrated 70 years of its great manufacturing history, and we're looking forward to Dolphin Products to continue to celebrate and build on that history for a long time yet.

[Vision:  Find out more about the Victorian Government's support for the automotive industry - Call 13 22 15]

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