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Cornell Diesel Systems in Sunshine has commenced hiring ex-auto workers thanks to a Victorian Government Local Industry Fund for Transition (LIFT) grant.

Video transcript

Ex Auto Workers find a future at Cornell Diesel Systems in Sunshine, Victoria

Zoran Trifunovski - Group Engineer - Cornell Diesel Systems
I was at DENSO for over 22 years and I worked in a number of roles while I was there. An organisation such as this has given me the opportunity seeing with the skills that are not just myself but others within the automotive industry have and be able to use it in their environment.

Hon Wade Noonan - Minister for Industry and Employment
We're really pleased to be at Cornell Diesel Systems in Sunshine. This business is in fact growing in Melbourne's west, and they've been the recipient of a local industry fund transition grant to help them accelerate their growth. And the really great news here is they've been able to pick up a number of ex-auto workers.

Cuong Pham - Technician, Cornell Diesel Systems
When car manufacturing ending, I feel upset about it.

Ingrid Zampatti - Customer Services - Cornell Diesel Systems
In my previous role at DENSO, I was in customer service, logistics, distribution, and I was there for 32 years. I was very lucky to have been picked up by Cornell. I brought across my experience and my knowledge of suppliers and customers.

Hon Wade Noonan - Minister for Industry and Employment
When you listen to what the business says about those auto workers, you realise that it's absolutely a win-win because they're benefiting really from the skills, the knowledge, the experience of those ex-auto workers.

Cuong Pham - Technician, Cornell Diesel Systems
My advice for former automotive workers is don't be shy, don't be scared, just go and give it a try. And just try to get your foot in the door, and don't give up.

[Narrator] Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.

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