Supporting Victoria’s automotive industry – MHG Glass’s story

Supporting Victoria's Automotive Industry – MHG Glass's story – YouTube

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Dean Haritos, Group Managing Director, MHG Asia Pacific

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How can the Victorian Government support my business?

Dialogue – Dean Haritos:

The business was founded in 1970 by my father and our chairman. Since 1937 there's been manufacturing here on this site. We acquired the facility from CSR in 2009. We're the only Tier 1 automotive supplier of glass in Australia but of course all that comes to an end at the end of next year. In 2014 when General Motors made their announcement and then Toyota made their announcement that was a shock because there would no longer be automotive production in Australia.

We then really had to assess what we were going to do as a business, so that anger and disappointment quickly turned to optimism and enthusiasm. It was a yes/no answer for us, were we going to continue manufacturing or were we going to close.

Super: New Opportunities

It's opened our eyes to opportunities outside of automotive that we didn't even think were possible. Without the support of the Victorian Government, this facility wouldn't be here today.

We were able to come up with a solution to keep this facility running, that will transform this business from an automotive glass supplier to a diverse architectural glass supplier.

Super: Government Grants

Grants offered by the Victorian Government have enabled us to engage with strategic partners and service providers and also providing us with the ability to fund capital expenditure. The one thing that's been constant throughout this entire process has been the commitment of our people. We're providing our employees with the opportunity to re-skill for the future. It's been a positive experience for our business and hopefully we can tell a story in 20-37 and sit here proudly and say that we've been manufacturing for a 100 years here on this site.

I'd strongly recommend that if businesses haven't, or other manufacturers in the automotive sector haven't looked at the opportunities afforded by the Victorian Government, that they do so and they do so quickly.

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