Capital of Melbourne’s booming west

The precinct covers a large area of over 3,000 hectares. Sunshine has the advantage of major road and rail connections. It is also the preferred Melbourne Airport Rail route.

This Priority Precinct has a strong cultural heritage and character. As birthplace of the Sunshine Harvester, is also has a proud industrial history. As the precinct grows, Sunshine will continue to be the major employment hub in Melbourne’s west.

Where is Sunshine?

Sunshine Priority Precinct is right between Melbourne Airport and the CBD.

A basic map showing the sunshine precincts with key locations from Tottenham Station to St Albion Station with Victoria University inbetween

Sunshine in future

Some major capital projects in Sunshine precinct will drive growth and opportunity. A key hospital investment will see health and care services to expand in the precinct. Education is set to follow this lead. Metro, regional and airport rail connections will bring thousands of people to Sunshine daily.

Life in this precinct


Sunshine is already a large employment hub. Most current jobs are in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Strong health, care service and education jobs growth will occur in Sunshine.


Sunshine Priority Precinct has strong potential to expand its affordable housing offer. The upcoming consultation process will explore housing options.


The major infrastructure agenda in Sunshine will see this precinct enjoy:

  • high connectivity
  • quality health and care services
  • a range of education options.

A bigger commercial and industrial heart will give people better access to retail and other services.


The upcoming consultation process will explore options for greening and open space in Sunshine.

More information

The government is partnering with community and other stakeholders to develop a Sunshine Vision intended for release in 2020.

Learn more about what makes a priority precinct.

Page last updated: 12 December 2019