HCMT Video and Transcript

1,100 Jobs With 65 New Trains Built In Victoria, For Victoria - YouTube


This video is an animation with no spoken word.

[Preparing for High Capacity Metro Trains - Rail Systems Upgrade]

[Power and signalling upgrades planned for the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines]

[A number of power and signalling points along the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines are shown]

[Getting ready for new trains in 2019]

[Image showing that platforms will be extended for the longer new high capacity trains]

[Cranbourne and Pakenham track duplication]

[Critical power and signalling updates]

[Enabling new trains to run]

[Bigger trains more often more reliable]

[High Capacity Metro Trains adding capacity on our busiest lines]

[Victoria State Government logo]

Page last updated: 25 September 2017