Federation Square Review

Federation Square is one of Melbourne's most iconic landmarks. It welcomes approximately 10 million visitors who flock there every year and is a stone's throw away from Flinders Street Station, the Melbourne Arts Precincts and Melbourne's sporting hub. It's a place where people can meet, gather and experience some of Victoria's best civic and cultural activities.

However, it is also going through a period of change with key infrastructure projects underway in the precinct and surrounding areas such as the construction of the Metro Tunnel, the redevelopment of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and the ongoing transformation of the Melbourne Arts Precinct.

It's important for all Victorians that Federation Square continues to grow as an innovative and exciting place for the community and that's why the Victorian Government has announced a detailed review of Federation Square.

The review will consider ways to deliver a vibrant and attractive precinct, with more public and commercial space encouraging public gatherings and providing better access to the Yarra River.

The review will also focus on how Federation Square functions as a public space and the attractiveness of programming and amenities across the precinct.

Photo of people at Federation Squarre

Public Consultation

An important aspect of the Federation Square review will be the period of public consultation giving Victorians the chance to have their say on the future of Federation Square.

Consultation has now commenced, and we are keen to invite the members of the public and key stakeholders to tell us about why they come to visit the square and how it can be improved.

It will be a fantastic opportunity for the community to consider how our public spaces and creative centres connect to each other and help maximise the benefits of one of Melbourne's busiest destinations.

How to get involved

To have your say visit the Federation Square review.

Page last updated: 19 November 2019