Creative industries strategy

Victoria's creative industries employ around 220,000 people, contribute more than $27 billion to the state economy annually (eight per cent of the state's economy) and contribute immeasurably in terms of social, reputational and cultural value.

Including activities that are commercially-driven as well as community-based, the creative industries range from activities that are experimental, entertaining, or made for export, and encompass a wide range of sectors, including:

  • game development
  • graphic design
  • fashion
  • film and television
  • performing arts
  • publishing
  • architecture
  • music
  • comedy
  • craft.

Spanning multiple fields, and with creativity at their core, a powerhouse of small organisations, micro businesses and sole practitioners comprise the vast majority of the creative industries. 

Creative State strategy

Jacob Boehme in the performance Blood on the Dance Floor. Photograph by Dorine Blaise.

With more than $115 million in new funding, Victoria's first creative industries strategy – Creative State – is designed to grow the creative and cultural economy, turbocharge local creative enterprises, create new jobs and employment opportunities, and bring social and cultural benefits to Victorians.

Launched in April 2016, Creative State comprises 40 new actions across five focus areas:

  1. Backing creative talent – $6.35 million over four years across Aboriginal arts and culture, a creators fund, programs commissioning landmark works and renewed funding for professional development across the screen sector.
  2. Strengthening the creative industries ecosystem – $57.35 million over four years to give creative industries businesses access to business acceleration services to stimulate entrepreneurship and develop a stronger capacity to commercialise ideas and capture economic returns. 
  3. Delivering wider economic and social impact – $14.05 million over four years to stimulate innovation and wider creative impact, invest in support for design businesses, strengthen creative education and pathways for Victorian students, and extend the role of creative services in generating social benefits.
  4. Increasing participation and access – $32.15 million in partnerships and programs to engage more Victorians in cultural and creative endeavours.
  5. Building international engagement – $5.05 million in actions to extend Victoria's impact and profile for global audiences, visitors and markets.

Want to know more?

Visit the Creative Victoria website to find out more about the five focus areas of Creative State and the 40 targeted actions in the strategy.

Page last updated: 24 January 2017