Fishermans Bend

National engineering and advanced manufacturing hub

The 485-hectare precinct and includes four mixed use urban renewal areas and a large employment zone. This precinct holds unique potential to:

  • build on Melbourne’s liveability and expand the central city
  • curate an advanced manufacturing and innovation ecosystem.

The Fishermans Bend Development Board advises government on the planning, development and delivery for this precinct.

Where is Fishermans Bend?

Fishermans Bend Priority Precinct is right on the doorstep of Melbourne CBD.

A babsic Map showing where finshermans bend is located in relation to the CBD. It highlights locations like the University of Melbourne Engineering School site and Possible community hospital site

Fishermans Bend in future

Fishermans Bend will reflect Melbourne’s past and help define its future. A benchmark for urban transformation, the precinct will become a series of thriving places. It will offer high amenity housing and be a leading example of environmental sustainability.

With connectivity enabled by infrastructure investment Fishermans Bend will have:

  • new levels of walking, cycling and public transport
  • vibrant, diverse communities and neighbourhoods
  • a reputation for innovation and technology expertise
  • high value jobs.

Fishermans Bend aims to be Australia's largest urban renewal Green Star Community.

By 2050 the precinct will have:

  • 80,000 Jobs
  • 80,000 People

Life in this precinct


Fishermans Bend will support 80,000 jobs overall. Its large employment zone will support over 40,000 jobs and 20,000 students. The precinct is under curation as a centre for excellence in advanced manufacturing and engineering design. This is enabled by a 32-hectare government land holding.

Key employment sectors in Fishermans Bend will be:

  • Advanced manufacturing, including defence
  • Engineering and design
  • Creative industries
  • Professional services.

The mixed use neighbourhoods of Wirraway, Montague, Lorimer and Sandridge will support 40,000 more jobs across a range of sectors.


Fishermans Bend will offer a variety of affordable housing in four neighbourhoods. These mixed-use areas will also feature retail and commercial space. They include:

  • Wirraway - a family friendly inner-city neighbourhood close to the bay and Westgate Park
  • Montague - a diverse and well-connected community that celebrates its cultural and built heritage
  • Lorimer - a vibrant riverside area connected to the CBD, Docklands and other renewal areas
  • Sandridge - a lively neighbourhood made up of commercial, retail and diverse housing options.


From 2024, Fishermans Bend will be the new home of the University of Melbourne Engineering School. The precinct also offers local primary and secondary schools. This includes one of Victoria’s innovative vertical school campuses.

Early engagement has also begun for the Fishermans Bend community hospital.


Fishermans Bend will provide high levels of urban amenity. The Fishermans Bend Framework sets out a high level planning and infrastructure plan for the area to the year 2050. This includes a commitment to world class environmental sustainability.

Early delivery of community infrastructure has already started. Transport infrastructure options are currently being explored.

More information

The Fishermans Bend website has more information about this Priority Precinct, including:

Page last updated: 23 December 2020