Victorian Racing Integrity Board

The Victorian Racing Integrity Board is a new independent cross-code integrity board that will oversee the delivery of integrity functions by Racing Victoria, Greyhound Racing Victoria, and Harness Racing Victoria (the three racing controlling bodies).

The Board was established to enhance the Victorian Racing Industry's integrity framework and ensure racing integrity in Victoria is subject to an independent and transparent system of checks and balances.

The Board has a Chairperson, three Deputy Chairpersons and up to five other members.

Eligibility criteria for appointment to the Board are designed to safeguard the Board's independence and preclude members from holding any office with a controlling body or racing club and from holding a proprietary interest in a racehorse or a racing greyhound.

The powers and functions of the Board complement those of the controlling bodies, racing stewards and the Racing Integrity Commissioner.

The functions and powers of the Board are set out at section 95H of the Racing Act 1958.

They are to:

  1. Oversee relationships between the racing controlling bodies, Racing Victoria, Greyhound Racing Victoria and Harness Racing Victoria, and their integrity staff;
  2. Endorse an annual integrity plan for each controlling body;
  3. Review and provide recommendations about integrity resourcing and the integrity budgets of controlling bodies;
  4. Advise and make recommendations to the controlling bodies in relation to integrity policy, participant licensing policies and licensing procedures;
  5. Review proposals for new or amended rules of racing as they relate to integrity and make recommendations in relation to the rules of racing as they relate to integrity;
  6. Receive complaints from a member or Director of a Board of a controlling body, an integrity manager, or the Chief Steward or Deputy Chief Steward about integrity issues within a controlling body;
  7. Refer complaints to the Racing Integrity Commissioner (RIC) and liaise with the RIC and external agencies in relation to integrity matters;
  8. Maintain an effective working relationship with the boards of the controlling bodies;
  9. Consider and provide direction in relation to any form of disciplinary action that a controlling body proposes to take against a senior member of an integrity department in relation to internal integrity matters;
  10. Oversee the development of a memorandum of understanding or shared services agreement between the controlling bodies;
  11. Issue directions to the controlling bodies regarding integrity matters.

Board Members

  • The Hon. Jack Forrest – Chairperson
  • The Hon. Peter Young AM QC – Deputy Chairperson
  • Magistrate Jacqueline Billings – Deputy Chairperson
  • Elizabeth Clark – Deputy Chairperson
  • Bryan Gurry – Member
  • Hayden Opie AM - Member
  • Dr Catherine Savage – Member
  • Amelia Lynch – Member
  • John Barrett - Member

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