Construction technologies

Victoria's construction industry is the state's fifth largest industry, is valued at $21.6 billion and employs about 240,000 people in 89,000 businesses.

Construction technologies are vital to Victoria's rapidly changing construction industry and supporting its delivery of Victoria's future infrastructure and housing needs.

The evolution in construction technologies is being driven in part by demands for better environmental performance in construction as well as new and emerging production methods.

In particular, digital technologies used in construction processes, off-site construction technologies and new construction materials and products are three areas identified as having significant potential to transform the construction sector, improve productivity and boost the state's economy.

Victoria's strengths

The state's strengths include:

  • Well-established construction industry with strong global outlook.
  • Collaboration with leading-edge digital tech firms.
  • National leader in off-site construction technologies.
  • Designing and developing high-value construction materials and products.
  • Close alignment to Victoria's significant innovation and research infrastructure.

Sector strategy

Construction Technologies Sector Strategy - Business Victoria Future Industries page

Boston Consulting Group report

A snapshot of Victoria's Construction Technologies sector Transport, Defence and Construction Technology Fact Pack - Boston Consulting Group (PDF 671.2 KB)PDF iconcompiled by the Boston Consulting Group.

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