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[Title:  Jobs Victoria - Working for all Victorians]

[Vision:  Wade Noonan talking with Daniel and others - Daniel driving reversing van to charity bin]

Wade Noonan - Minister for Industry and Employment

The Victorian Government, as part of our Jobs Victoria Employment Network, will invest $39 million with 38 employment providers to provide more than 4,000 jobs to disadvantaged job seekers.

Enzo Bruscella - Chief Executive, Southern Cross Recycling

Our core business is the recycling of clothing and household goods. 

[Vision:  Recycling bin - Daniel emptying bin to van]

We partner with social enterprises, White Lion and others, to provide skills to those social enterprises and the training.  White Lion is a charity that helps out youths that have been into trouble to get into work.

Daniel - Van Driver

My job is to service bins with the van, to empty the clothing into the van.

[Vision:  Daniel closing charity bin]

I felt really good because someone gave me an opportunity to start work, and it's helped me a lot.

[Daniel speaking]

I feel better about myself and I can support my family now.

[Vision:  SCRgroup - Southern Cross Recycling logo - Enzo Bruscella speaking with Daniel - Daniel emptying charity bin into van]

Daniel came to us, we provided some counselling for him and some coaching, so he's going along really nicely, and we'll continue to coach him and provide him that benefit.

[Daniel speaking]

I enjoy helping people.  I enjoy working outside.

[Daniel driving van]

I would say to other people that are looking for jobs just to keep trying and don't give up.

Dean - White Lion Programs Participant

So White Lion is a not-for-profit charity, but they reach out to young people at risk.

[Vision:  Daniel operating van - Dean speaking]

I guess my message for any young people out there that need help is just you need to ask, make that choice to change.

[Wade Noonan speaking and talking with Daniel]

The job is but one part of this equation.  It's really the dignity that's returned to people's lives.

[Vision:  Enzo Bruscella speaking with Daniel - Wade Noonan speaking]

And we're very excited to be helping disadvantaged people be matched with employers through these employment providers, and getting disadvantage Victorians into work.

[Vision:  Daniel driving van]

[Jobs Victoria - Working for all Victorians]

[Speaker:  Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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