Jobs Victoria

The Victorian Budget 2020/21 invested a record $619.4 million to provide jobseekers with the information, advice and support they need to get back to work through an expanded Jobs Victoria.

Around 10,000 jobs will be created to transition jobseekers into longer-term work, with a major focus on getting women back into the workforce.

Jobs Victoria will also significantly expand its delivery of face-to-face advice and support to those who need extra assistance.

Jobs Victoria's initiatives

Current Jobs Victoria programs are listed below. New initiatives will be implemented in 2021 as part of the expanded services.

  • Jobs Victoria Advocates will support job seekers in their communities. Advocates will assist job seekers to find the information, advice and additional support they need. Advocates will connect with people in libraries, community centres, public housing foyers, shopping centres and other community services, and may also go to people’s homes in some locations to ensure everyone is aware of the support available.
  • The Jobs Victoria Mentors help Victorians who face barriers to employment into jobs. The network of partners across the state supports job seekers to get job-ready and works closely with employers to help them connect them with local candidates.
  • The Victorian Government’s Social Enterprise Strategy aims to improve and expand Victoria’s social enterprise sector and increase employment participation for all job seekers.
  • Jobs Victoria Work and Learning Centres help jobseekers, especially those living in public housing, to find local training, work experience and jobs. Jobs Victoria works in partnership with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and other local community agencies to run five Work and Learning Centres around Victoria.
  • A range of youth employment programs offers young people training and work experience in the public and community sectors.

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Page last updated: 8 September 2021