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The Victorian Government has committed $1.3 billion to medical research since 2014. That investment has helped Victoria to emerge as a world leader in cutting-edge health and medical research – driving growth in the sector, creating jobs and supporting incredible breakthroughs in treatment and care.

Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund

Recipients for Round 5 of the Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund have now been announced.

Launched by the Victorian Government in 2017, each year the Fund provides $3 million in grant support to accelerate health and medical research and fast-track innovative projects from research to real-world impact.

A total of 90 projects have received funding through the four previous rounds, providing $15.3 million to the Victorian health and medical research sector.

Information about Round 6 of the Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund will be available soon.

Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund Grants – Round 5

Grant RecipientProject

Alfred Health

In vivo mapping of neuroprotective neuroinflammation using a novel PET radiotracer

Avipep Pty Ltd

A novel antibody-based therapy for multiple myeloma; an incurable cancer killing over 1000 Australians annually and 200,000 worldwide, within 5years of diagnosis.

Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

A novel surface engineering approach to prevent in-stent complications in Diabetic patients after stent surgery.

Burnet Institute

A rapid point of care test (POCT) for liver health monitoring to enable community-based screening and timely clinical intervention for people with liver damage.

La Trobe University

NanoMslide: innovation assessment of intraoperative cancer diagnostic

La Trobe University

A therapy that controls metastatic breast cancer by  preventing repair of DNA damage.

Melbourne Health

The Poly-omic Drivers of Brain Metastases

Monash University

Employing artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate the rate of drug development: Identifying inhibitors of fatty-acid binding protein FABP4.

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

A Pilot Study of Medicinal Cannabis in Paediatric Patients undergoing Palliative Care for Non-oncological Conditions

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Empowering treatment options with targeted PET imaging of breast cancer - interrogating HER2. Beyond the yellow bucket.

Monash University

Better biomarkers for dementia diagnosis: Increasing equity and efficiency in dementia care

The Royal Melbourne Hospital

Establishment of tissue culture methods for SARS-CoV-2 propagation that ensure working stocks reflect the pathogenicity and genetic composition of circulating global clades

The Royal Women's Hospital

Improving Obstetric Outcomes Following IVF Treatment

The Royal Women’s Hospital

Safer care for critically ill newborns: validation of a new medical device for placement and monitoring of neonatal central venous catheters by ultrasound.

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Accelerating translational outcomes based on super-responders from the SOLACE2 trial of immunotherapy priming in ovarian cancer

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

CRISPR point-of-care diagnostics to dramatically improve management of STIs, mitigate outbreaks and combat antimicrobial resistance.

University of Melbourne

ID-Predict (Tuberculosis): Predicting recent Tuberculosis infection and future disease risk in Victorian TB contacts

University of Melbourne

EyeCP: Measuring Intracranial Pressure in the intensive care without brain surgery

University of Melbourne

Breaking bacterial antibiotic resistance to frontline therapeutics

Victoria University

Examining the effects of gender affirming hormone therapies on fitness and muscle health in transgender Australians: The GAME Study

Western Health

Genomically informed active surveillance in intermediate risk prostate cancer GenI-AIRSPACE

mRNA Victoria Research Acceleration Fund

Launched by mRNA Victoria as part of the Victorian Government’s $50 million investment to grow mRNA capability in the state, the mRNA Victoria Research Acceleration Fund provides $2 million in grant support to accelerate RNA-based therapeutics research.

The Fund is designed to complement the existing Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund by providing a dedicated funding stream for RNA-based therapeutics projects.

Please note, projects are only eligible to apply for one funding stream (either the mRNA Victoria Research Acceleration Fund or the Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund).

Applications are now open - Learn more and apply.

Page last updated: 26 August 2022