Innovation at Fishermans bend video transcript

[Text: Delivering for Victoria / The rise of innovation at Fishermans Bend]

[Vision: View of the industrial area of Fishermans Bend. View of the sky and timelapse photography of the water and city behind]

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[Text: Meredith Sussex - Chair, Fishermans Bend Development Board]

Meredith: It’s very important for Victorians, Fishermans Bend is also very important for Australians.

We are now planning to transform it into the next stage of innovation and manufacturing by developing an innovation precinct here.

[Vision: View of crane and an aerial view of Fishermans Bend. View of the bridge and Australian flag. View of Boeing, Siemens, Blackmagic and aerial view of location]

Fishermans Bend has always been a strong manufacturing area and there are lots of companies making great products here, Boeing, Siemens, Blackmagic that makes cameras for the movie industry internationally.

[Text: Michael Edwards - Director, Boeing Research & Technology - Asia Pacific]

Michael: Boeing Aerostructures Australia here at Fishermans Bend has been, and our heritage companies have been here for 95 years, and we make the flight control surfaces for the Boeing commercial family here.

[Vision: View inside the Boeing factory area]

It’s really exciting for Boeing to be a part of the biggest urban renewal going forward.

The more investment that goes into Fishermans Bend the more advanced our supply network becomes too for the work we do here on site.

[Vision: External view of the Boeing factory]

And University of Melbourne are bringing their engineering group out to this site there’s so many interesting things happening.

And for the next generation of talent, whether it be those in primary school now or those in high school, the chance to work on, you know, the next advanced aerospace technologies of the future who wouldn’t love that.

[Vision: View of Port Melbourne Secondary College building and surrounds. Aerial view of the Port Melbourne Secondary College site]

Port Melbourne Secondary College which opened its doors in February they are a STEAM school, science, technology, engineering, maths and arts school, the kids will be linked to local industries and be able to pursue their passion including with links to Melbourne University Engineering School as well.

[Vision: view of bridge at Fishermans Bend, view of building at Fishermans Bend]

Meredith: One of the things I love most about Fishermans Bend is that it’s an opportunity to reinforce the long-standing view that Melbourne makes things.

[Vision: View of artist’s impression of future Fishermans Bend area]

We’re looking forward to the expansion of those industries into industries that we mightn’t even know about yet.

[Vision: Intertitle: Fishermans Bend Innovation Precinct Stage 1 enabling works supported by $179.4 million from the Victorian Government]

[Text: Victoria State Government / Delivering for Victoria. Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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