Case study - JigSpace

Are you a Formula 1 fan who wants to get up close and personal to a Grand Prix racing car from your lounge room? Well, that’s now possible thanks to a Victorian augmented reality startup.

Image of the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 Team ORLEN 2022 car on a smartphone.

Enter JigSpace who has joined forces with Alfa Romeo’s F1 Team ORLEN as metaverse partner during the 2022 season and taking Victorian innovation to the world.

The Melbourne-based startup launched their 3D knowledge sharing platform in 2017 and now has over four million users. As part of their partnership with the global motorsport brand this year, JigSpace is showcasing the new Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN car - the C42 - in 3D for fans to explore in an accessible way.

Collaborating remotely with Alfa Romeo on the storyboard and product design, JigSpace has converted computer-aided design files of the F1 car into an interactive 3D video, called a jig.

To make the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN car come to life, all fans have to do is enter a hyperlink into a web browser or scan a QR code with a smartphone camera. Users will be able to see the working elements of the C42, zoom in and rotate it, and understand the design and innovation behind the car. As part of this immersive 3D-experience, you can also hear the C42’s revving engine, go into augmented reality mode and see the car wherever you are, on your phone.

Fans at this year’s Australian Grand Prix will see the JigSpace QR code on the team’s merchandise so they can scan the QR code and view the car in the palm of their hand.

The C42 jig has been well received by the F1 community and JigSpace hopes to build more F1 partners and work with global companies wishing to use their platform to engage with customers online in 3D.

To view and interact with the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN 2022 car from your smartphone or desktop, visit

This groundbreaking technology developed by a Victorian startup is just one example of the local talent gaining international interest and thriving on the global stage.

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Page last updated: 7 April 2022