Informing and educating hunters

Hunters will have better access to information, education and training programs to promote safe, responsible and sustainable hunting.


1.1 Provide better access to information – by delivering practical enhancements to the More to Explore app to help improve knowledge about hunting locations.

1.2 Educate and train new hunters – by:

  • developing a new online firearm safety education module
  • starting introductory education sessions for new or aspiring game hunters.

1.3 Enhance hunter education – by developing online video learning modules for game hunters wanting to increase their knowledge of hunting laws, responsible hunting methods and firearm safety.

1.4 Improved animal welfare – by:

  • establishing a working group responsible for developing and implementing a wounding reduction action plan for waterfowl and quail in Victoria
  • developing a wounding reduction action plan for deer.

Page last updated: 7 December 2021