Victorian Forestry Plan

The Victorian Forestry Plan supports the transition of the native timber industry to a future based on plantation supply while protecting as many jobs as possible. Transition support packages are available for workersbusinesses and the community.

Since the 1980s the amount of native timber available for harvest has more than halved and is increasingly vulnerable due to the impact of bushfires and environmental protections.

The Victorian Forestry Plan provides more than $200 million to support workers, businesses and communities through their transition away from the native timber industry ahead of commercial timber harvesting ending in 2030.

Already there has been a strong response to the support available under the plan. With considerable take up of opportunities by businesses and communities to start their transition from native forestry and diversify into different industries and ways of working.

However, transition won’t be for all and a solid safety net has been put in place to protect workers and businesses.

To support industry, transition the Victorian Government is undertaking long-term investment in plantations and farmed timber.

The Victorian Forestry Plan includes an additional $110 million investment in plantation development that will add to Victoria’s substantial plantation estate and provide fibre supply to support existing and new industries from 2050 and beyond.


In developing the Victorian Forestry Plan, the Victorian Government has aimed to strike the right balance between the environment and jobs.

In 2019 under the plan the following protections were bought in:

  • Protection of 90,000 hectares of Victoria’s remaining old growth forest.
  • Release of the Greater Glider Action Statement.
  • Exemption of a further 96,000 hectares of forest from timber harvesting across to protect more than 35 threatened species including the Leadbeater’s Possum.

In 2021, an additional $14 million package was introduced that focuses on upholding environmental standards in timber harvesting.

The package includes further regulatory changes to ensure consistency and clarify the obligations on timber harvesting and to protect our environment. For more information please see the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s website.

These additional protections will mean over 186,000 hectares are now protected from logging – equivalent to more than 100,000 MCGs and the biggest addition to Victoria’s reserve system in over 20 years.

Download the Victorian Forestry Plan:

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Page last updated: 14 September 2022