Commercial timber production from public forests

VicForests is the Victorian government business with responsibility for the sustainable harvest and commercial sale of Victoria's timber in all Victorian State forests.

This provides consistency in commercial forestry operations, and clearly separates the department's forestry governance and regulatory roles from any commercial operations.

Persons interested in commercial timber harvesting should contact VicForests.

Code of Practice for Timber Production

Commercial timber production in Victoria must occur in compliance with the Code of Practice for Timber Production 2014. The code and the 'Management Standards and Procedures for timber harvesting operations in Victoria's state forests 2014' that are incorporated within the Code of Practice.

Maintaining public safety

Learn about Victoria's timber harvesting safety zones.

Forest operator licences (FOLS)

There is now no legislative requirement for forest workers in Victoria to have a Forest Operator Licence (FOL), or a Timber Harvest Operator Licence (THOL) as a FOL was previously known. Noting some forest operation managers still require its forest workers to have a FOL.

ForestWorks provides a service for managing your training records that were previously listed on a forest operator licence. ForestWorks provides a service called FOLS Skills Verification Program. The FOLS Skills Verification Program enables a worker to record their training and skill currency in an online system, which can be shared with employers.

Wood Utilisation Plans

Since November 2014 VicForests has managed Wood Utilisation Plans in Victoria. In April 2017 Wood Utilisation Plans were replaced by a Timber Utilisation Plan (TUPs). This plan is developed and managed by VicForests. The current Timber Utilisation Plan is available on the VicForests’ website.

Page last updated: 14 July 2020