Meet Reetu: Returning to work and rebuilding her passion

Rediscovering her love for digital

When you speak to Reetu Sangar, her eyes light up when talking about her passion for helping people.

And for the last 10 years, she has channeled that love into running a daycare centre so she could be close to her own children while caring for kids of all ages.

“I loved it so much because families came to me with 3-month-old babies, and they stayed with me for 8 or 9 years – they were like siblings to my children! I really loved it.”

Initially trained in computer science, childcare was a path Reetu didn’t expect but dove into with passion and enthusiasm. However, during COVID-19, families could no longer send their children to daycare and Reetu found herself needing to change tack yet again as both she and her husband were left without employment.

Only able to secure limited cleaning work for a nearby council, Reetu began thinking about returning to her computing background, even though it had been more than 10 years since she last worked in a corporate role. It was then that she spotted an ad for the Digital Jobs program.

Reetu thought to herself, ‘This is it – a second chance’.

“It was a golden opportunity for me to get back into IT, and I just told myself I have to make the most of it, because second chances are really hard to come by. I promised myself that whatever I do, I'm going to give 110%.”

Reetu was accepted into the program and completed a 12-week Cloud Computing course with Goanna Education that gave her the skills she needed to jump back into the digital world.

“It was not at all difficult for me. It boosted my confidence because I realised I could remember how to speak this language and rebuild my knowledge.”

Soon enough, Reetu secured an internship placement with ANZ, and joined more than 20 other Digital Jobs interns in digital teams across the business.

On her first day at ANZ, a new coworker told Reetu that she seemed like the perfect cultural fit for ANZ.

“To be told that on my first day just made me feel so good. I felt so welcome and comfortable.”

Reetu initially worked as a Test Engineer but was also given opportunities to test out her new Cloud experience, as well as draw on her previous experience in business analysis to prove herself indispensable to her new team.

“I think sometimes as a woman I have the tendency to sell myself short, but I decided to keep myself honest and told them clearly [about my previous experience] and that I wanted to absorb everything.

“I want to learn as much as I can.”

Before the internship had even finished, Reetu was offered a permanent position with ANZ, and was well on her way to a new career in digital. She never expected to feel so at home in a corporate environment once again, but the welcoming culture at ANZ and opportunities to grow have made it the perfect fit.

"I'm loving it so much; I hope that I get to retire here! It's just wonderful.”

For Reetu, her new career opportunities and passion wouldn’t have been possible without the support of her teachers at Goanna, her Hudson mentor and the ANZ team who saw so much potential in her thanks to the Digital Jobs program.

“Something I keep telling my daughter is that there are times when other people see the potential in you that you don’t see within yourself.”

“I feel so happy and so blessed, and I just hope that everybody else who is in a similar position to me can take this chance and make the most out of it.”

Page last updated: 10 January 2022