Backing your business to find great people

As digital technologies drive the future of business, the demand for digital skills is growing rapidly.

To help meet this demand, the Victorian Government is building a new talent pool of great people with digital skills.

The Digital Jobs program helps experienced mid-career Victorians transition into digital careers. Candidates undertake 12 weeks of free digital skills training, before being placed in a digital job for 12 weeks.

Victorian businesses are invited to provide work placements for our talented career changers. Participating businesses will also gain access to the broader talent pool to find new recruits for digital jobs.

We’re backing you to build your digital capability, and providing a cost-effective way to bring new skills and new talent into your business.

Join ANZ, Microsoft, Salesforce, Siemens and other top Victorian employers by hosting an intern.

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Does your organisation need talented people with digital skills? Hosting a Digital Jobs program participant is a great way to fast-track recruitment for digital roles.

Digital Jobs participants are selected through a competitive three-step process and trained with up-to-date digital skills, backed by industry. Being mid-career participants, they bring a wealth of experience and valuable transferrable skills.

It’s also an opportunity to help Victorians find a new career direction, especially those whose employment may have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interested in tapping into this new talent pool? We welcome a conversation to discuss the needs of your organisation.

Contact the Digital Jobs team and we’ll be in touch soon.

You can also express your interest or register now to host.

Industry briefing sessions

We hold regular information sessions about the program, which give you the opportunity to ask questions and talk to other organisations about their experience with the program.

You can register to attend our next session on Wednesday 8 June.

What host organisations are saying about the program

Sophie Turner from the Department of Premier and Cabinet says the program is a win-win situation.

“One of the exceptional benefits of onboarding experienced, mid-career professionals is the depth of outside knowledge they bring with them to the job.”

“With their significant life and work experience, Digital Jobs participants have a head start over recent graduates.”

“Our participant knew how to ask really pertinent questions that went to the heart of the project he worked on, which made us reflect on our own work practises and processes."

“His insightful questions and problem-solving ability came from his previous life and work experiences. He also had an established professional attitude towards work.”

Sally Williams, Tech Performance Lead at ANZ, says interns are older people who are changing careers and so they’re really passionate about it.

“They’re not straight out of uni and they bring life experience with them.”

“With many of ANZ’s 20 work placements now offered full time work, Digital Jobs has proven to be an extremely valuable exercise for me and my team.“

“I think it’s a no brainer to get into the program - it’s been brilliant.”

Visit the frequently asked questions below for further details on the program.

Program partners

Digital Jobs program partners are ANZ, AWS, Carsales, Cenitex, Cognizant, Computershare, Infosys, Microsoft, MYOB, NCS, Salesforce, Siemens, Swisse, Sypaq, Zendesk.

Frequently asked questions

We’re looking for eligible businesses and organisations to host one (or more) trained mid-career interns for a minimum of 12 weeks. Throughout the selection process you’ll have the opportunity to be matched with someone who is right for your work culture and the specific role.

Digital Jobs caters for a range of businesses, from large corporations with established digital departments through to small businesses who may be at the beginning of their digital innovation journey.

While some businesses may already have an internship program that will suit Digital Jobs, we’re also keen to support Victorian businesses who may be looking to host an intern for the first time. If you’re unsure and would like to discuss the opportunity, we’d love to talk to you.

Contact the Digital Jobs team.

In addition to hosting the freshly trained candidate/s for 12 weeks, participating businesses will receive a $5,000 wage subsidy per internship, to support employment of the intern(s).

Interns must be employed directly for 12 weeks, at minimum wage or above. There is no obligation for participating businesses to employ the candidate(s) beyond this period.

We run a competitive recruitment process to find talented, motivated Victorians aged over 30 with around 10 years of work experience from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds. We’re particularly interested in supporting women, regional Victorians and those who’ve been affected by COVID-19.

All candidates will have recently graduated from a 12-week digital course with one of Victoria's top training providers and bring experience from previous careers or roles, with valuable transferable skills and soft skills that will enable them to make an immediate contribution to the workplace.

Each 12-week placement should support candidates to undertake meaningful work within their host business. The role should be project-based and utilise the participants newly gained digital training.

Most candidates will be suited to entry-level digital roles as their technical knowledge will primarily be foundational. However, their years of professional experience will ensure they have valuable transferable and soft skills, positioning them for a faster trajectory than other entry-level candidates.

There is no obligation for participating businesses beyond the 12-week tenure. You’ll have the opportunity to offer the candidate a job or act as a referee for them. You are also more than welcome to take on new interns in future.

The Victorian Government has designed the Digital Jobs program in consultation with industry and training providers.

Digital Jobs seeks to upskill Victorians aged over 30 and support them to transition into digital jobs.

The Victorian Government recognises the wealth of knowledge, experience and skills that mid-career Victorians bring to the workplace, and particularly seeks to support women and people living in regional Victoria or those whose jobs have been affected by COVID to participate in the program.

By building a strong workforce of Victorians with digital skills, the program also aims to support Victorian businesses seeking to build their digital capability or looking for workers with digital skills.

Over the next three years, up to 5,000 Victorians are expected to complete the program.

The Victorian Government is investing $64 million over four years in the Digital Jobs program.

Digital Jobs is a Victorian Government program. To help us deliver the program we’re working with industry, training providers and a recruitment service.

The Victorian Government is working with Hudson Australia to run a competitive recruitment process.

Hudson will also help match candidates to businesses.

The high quality 12-week courses on offer will be delivered by a range of universities, TAFEs and private providers. The courses have been developed in partnership with industry, and selected by a panel of industry experts, to ensure they meet industry needs.

Find out more about the training courses.

Every Victorian business, from the largest company to the most compact small business, can benefit from the development of digital innovation.

Whether it’s developing a website or app, setting up customer relationship management (CRM), data analytics and cyber security – digital capability is an essential part of a business.

  • Your business will be provided a $5,000 wage subsidy.
  • Participants in the Digital Skills program have significant work and life experience and typically have valuable transferrable skills for a digital role.
  • Participants will have completed a high standard, industry backed intensive short course in digital skills, relevant to your operation/current projects.
  • Participants have been selected through a competitive process and screened for aptitude in a digital career.

Participants have access to a mentor supplied by the program, who can assist them with their professional development.

Employers must:

  1. Be one of the following entity types:
    1. a company incorporated in Australia
    2. an incorporated trustee on behalf of a trust
    3. an incorporated association
    4. a partnership
    5. a joint (consortia) application with a lead organisation
    6. a [registered charity or] not for profit organisation
    7. a publicly funded research organisation
    8. an Australian local government body
    9. an Australian state or territory government body.
  2. Operate in Victoria (meaning the internship opportunity/ies to which your application relate, must be located in Victoria)
  3. Hold an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  4. Have current WorkCover Insurance (or equivalent) for an unlimited amount that shall include liability under statute or common law
  5. Be registered with Worksafe
  6. Have met all industrial relations obligations as an employer in accordance with the National Employment Standards
  7. Have not had any working conditions breaches in the last five years
  8. Comply with the Fair Work Act, 2009

Employers must:

  1. Employ the participant directly, for a minimum duration of 12 weeks full time, or equivalent (e.g. half time at 6 months).
  2. Offer the participant full time working hours, or negotiate a part time arrangement if it is agreeable to the participant.
  3. Meet all industrial relations obligations as an employer in accordance with the National Employment Standards.
  4. Pay the participant at least the relevant minimum wage.
  5. Ensure that the participant will undertake work that:
    1. provides them with an opportunity to learn and apply digital skills
    2. is broadly relevant to the subject area they have studied, or complements those skills
    3. is ideally project or product based with defined deliverables.
  6. Provide the participant adequate support, including:
    1. the assignment of a supervisor and the provision of contact details
    2. an appropriate induction and onboarding phase, providing relevant briefings on safety standards, site access, normal hours of work, emergency details and other elements as appropriate
    3. a minimum 10 hours a week of staff time (~25 per cent of FTE) dedicated to supervising the participant and towards their learning and development (i.e. by the supervisor and/or other employee(s))
  7. Supply the participant with necessary equipment and resources for undertaking the internship.
  8. Report any work health and safety incidents regarding the participant to the Delivery Partner within two working days.
  9. Conduct reporting as required by DJPR or the Delivery Partner.

Internships, for purposes of this program, are paid entry level digital positions. They are intended to provide the participant with an introduction to the business and/or industry, and allow them to apply and learn digital skills in the context of the host business’s operations and current projects.

Internships under the Digital Jobs program must be at least 12 weeks in duration and pay at least the minimum wage.

Check your business is eligible (please refer to the criteria listed in these FAQs).

Check your business is able to comply with the employer obligations (refer to the obligations for businesses listed in these FAQs).

Apply through Hudson Australia.

You can express your interest in learning more about the program without applying.

We welcome a conversation of meeting to discuss the needs of your business and how this program could help you.

You can express your interest in the program through Hudson Australia. Visit Information for businesses.

You will provide information about the role(s) your business has available, and the type of skills you are looking for.

Hudson will use this information to look for participants who are studying the relevant skills and would be suitable.

Hudson will provide you with a shortlist of three participants to choose from for each role you have available. The exception is government employers, where participants will be allocated directly.

There is no guarantee that suitable candidates will be available every round, and therefore that your business will be allocated a shortlist. If your business misses out on an intern, you will be prioritised for later rounds.

Candidates are recruited and assessed through a multi-stage competitive process. The Victorian Government has engaged the support of Hudson Australia to run the recruitment process and matching service for businesses.

For more information on candidates, please visit our candidate's page.

Internship matching for Round 1 will occur throughout August and September 2021. Matching occurs during the participant's training period.

Internships for Round 1 are expected to commence from early October.

We have multiple rounds over the next three years.

The first round of placements are expected to commence from early October 2021.

The internship may be in person or online, or a bit of both, so long as your business is able to comply with your obligations and the arrangement is mutually agreed.

Page last updated: 19 May 2022