Victorian Mobile Project

Bendigo foot marketStrong mobile connectivity is not only positive for individual communication and safety, it also contributes to regional economic development in business, tourism, and agriculture.

The Victorian Mobile Project is improving mobile coverage across the state, boosting economic development, community activities and public safety, particularly during emergencies such as fire or flood when people need to access information.

The Victorian Government is co-funding 193 new mobile base stations in areas with poor or no mobile coverage across the state.

At the end of September 118 of these new mobile towers were up and running, connecting communities with mobile services.

The new mobile towers will provide expanded 3G/4G mobile coverage for residents and local businesses.

To maximise the benefits for regional Victoria we are bringing together private investment and Commonwealth Government funding, and working in partnership with the telecommunications industry.

Victorian Government has invested $44 million in improving mobile coverage to date, securing $146 million infrastructure investment for Victoria.

The Victorian Government is currently working with local councils and Regional Partnerships across the state to determine where infrastructure is most needed.

A further $11 million was committed to fund more new mobile towers to fix blackspots in the 2018/19, bringing the Victorian Government's total investment to $55 million.

Page last updated: 19 October 2018