Communications infrastructure

The Victorian Government has significant telecommunications related infrastructure in many parts of regional Victoria such as fibre optic networks, wireless towers and business premises.

Added to this telecommunications infrastructure, existing infrastructure – such as light poles, tram poles, fixed waste-bins etc  –  has potential to be leveraged for improving regional access to digital infrastructure.

This is a forward-looking approach to partnering with industry for the benefit of regional communities. One result will be better-connected government services, such as medical and health services.

Commercial telecommunications providers will potentially use this infrastructure to improve their regional services, with lower investment costs. 

Pilot projects are underway and information learned from these will allow the government to extend access to other locations and providers. The Victorian Government will facilitate commercial providers' access to government infrastructure for the CRCP infrastructure trials.

The Victorian Government will develop information resources for Regional Partnerships, businesses and broadband providers to better understand the existing infrastructure options they can access in their area to improve broadband services.

Page last updated: 28 November 2017