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  1. [Scene description] View of Melbourne skyline by day
  2. [Scene description] View of Melbourne skyline by night
  3. [Scene description] Surfer on board at sunrise
  4. [Scene description] Man and woman at lookout viewing panoramic views
  5. [Scene description] Aerial view of the 12 Apostles
  6. [Scene description] Hiker on aerial bridge then looking up at the trees
  7. [Text] The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions is firmly focused on growing our state's economy and ensuring it benefits all Victorians
  8. [Text] We're working with businesses to create and maintain jobs so more people have meaningful work that's safe and secure
  9. [Scene description] Aerial view of sport stadiums and the Melbourne skyline, man at solar farm, man standing with truck passing behind, close up of woman in hard hat and safety googles
  10. [Text] How?
  11. [Text] By supporting businesses and workers
  12. [Scene description] Workers outside gardening
  13. [Text] By developing and growing our industries and assisting industries in transition
  14. [Scene description] View of wind farm, man walking through vines, workers in a factory
  15. [Text] By leveraging and securing our natural assets and regional strengths
  16. [Scene description] Man picking broccoli, aerial view of pastures and water, farmer herding sheep
  17. [Text] By fostering our visitor economy, creativity and innovation
  18. [Scene description] Man playing golf, dancers in studio, men looking a digital technology
  19. [Text] By connecting Victoria to the world by attracting investment and talent
  20. [Scene description] Woman walking through Peter Mac building, male worker soldering components, man looking at computer screen
  21. [Text] By helping Victorian businesses successfully trade into global markets
  22. [Scene description] Aerial view of stadium, Yarra river and Melbourne, night view of buildings, day view of buildings, time lapse views of church and traffic,view of the world, view of Melbourne from space
  23. [Text] We're building thriving places and regions that drive economic growth and opportunities
  24. [Scene description] Man and woman relaxing on lounge with view of mountain outside, a group of people eating and chatting at vineyard, a man and woman working with plants, a woman wearing 3D glasses, passing view of coastline
  25. [Text] How?
  26. [Text] By supporting businesses to establish and grow
  27. [Scene description] People at Street Feast van, view of hamburger, men in office discussing plans
  28. [Text] By taking a geographic focus on innovation and sector activity to attract investment and sector activity to attract investment
  29. Scene description] Aerial view of buildings and open space, artist's impression of open space, large ferris wheel at waterfront
  30. [Text] By cementing Victoria's position as Australia's leading cultural sport, tourism and events destination
  31. [Scene description] View of river and Melbourne skyline, two young women playing live music, surfer riding a wave
  32. [Text] We're supporting inclusive communities and creating opportunities for all Victorians in communities that are well connected culturally diverse and economically resilient
  33. [Scene description] View of sport stadium at night, horses racing, young girl at water drink fountain, two women walking through an office, aeroplane landing at night
  34. [Text] How?
  35. [Text] By working across government and with communities to understand how we can share the benefits of economic prosperity, address entrenched disadvantage and support a stronger and fairer society
  36. [Scene description] Cyclist riding on cycle path, dancers at night performing, aerial view of suburban homes, young family enjoying the open space, young boys enjoying ice cream, women shopping, a farmer feeding cattle, woman at computer working, biosecurity officers looking at a farm
  37. [Text] Who are we doing this for?
  38. [Scene description] Several photos of Victorian people smiling and doing what they love to do
  39. [Text] We are doing this for all Victorians
  40. [Text] More Jobs
  41. [Text] Thriving places and regions
  42. [Text] Inclusive communities
  43. [Text] Victorian State Government / Jobs, Precincts and Regions
  44. [Text] Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne

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