You are assessing a grant application. You will need to estimate the economic impact of the proposal.

The process for preparing your assessment will be slightly different for different grants programs. Generally, however, it will involve the following steps:

  • An individual, business or community group will apply for a grant following the guidelines of the specific program and in consultation with the relevant government area.

  • An officer will assess the application against the criteria for the program and will prepare a brief to inform the department's decision making. This assessment may include a Financial Risk Assessment and Economic Impact Assessment. Some criteria will include a demonstrated impact on economic outcomes such as output, jobs and wages.

  • In some cases, a brief will be prepared for the relevant Minister or committee for final approval.

How should I undertake the economic assessment?

If you need to undertake an economic assessment as part of the grant assessment process, guidance on undertaking economic assessment Guidance-on-how-to-undertake-economic-assessment-internet.DOCX (DOCX 127.36 KB)DOCX icon has been developed for staff to assist when performing, commissioning and evaluating economic assessments. Further guidance on specific processes, variables and methods is also available.

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