Strategic plan

The DJPR Strategic Plan 2021-2025 DJPR Strategic Plan 2021-25 (PDF 733.62 KB)PDF icon DJPR Strategic Plan 2021-25 (DOCX 80 KB)DOCX icon outlines how the department will further accelerate Victoria’s economic recovery and growth, ensuring it benefits all Victorians - by creating more jobs for more people, building thriving places and regions, and supporting inclusive communities. It reflects the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and outlines how our strategic priorities will help communities and businesses adapt, build resilience and recover.

The DJPR Strategic Plan on a Page 2021-2025 DJPR Plan on a Page 2021-2025 (PDF 1115.99 KB)PDF icon DJPR Plan on a Page 2021-2025 (DOCX 37.37 KB)DOCX icon is a condensed version of the full plan.

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Page last updated: 31 August 2021