Victorian Government Call Centre Code

The Call Centre Code has been developed to assist people to understand the Victoria Government's requirements and expectations in relation to the call centre industry.

The Code aims to ensure that work is carried out lawfully, fairly, efficiently and safely for the benefits of all people within the call centre industry.

The Call Centre Code outlines legal obligations and also provides guidance on industry best practice to promote and maintain a sustainable call centre industry.

The Code sets out the following requirements:

  • Employee minimum entitlements
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Management and organisation of work
  • Compliance – monitoring and sanctions

Application of the Code

The Code applies to both government operated call centres and private sector organisations contracted to the Victorian Government to provide call centre services.

The Victorian Government encourages all industry participants within the call centre industry to adopt and adhere to the Code as an industry benchmark.

Victorian Government Call Centre Code

Download the Call Centre Code:

Procurement framework

The Call Centre Code sets out a framework for government buyers to assess whether business have satisfied the requirements of the Code.

The Call Centre Code must be included in all invitations to supply documents and compliance with the Code is a mandatory consideration when evaluating a supplier's response.  

Suppliers are required to complete a Checklist and sign a Declaration of Compliance when submitting a response to an invitation to supply for call centre services.

Compliance with the Code is a condition of any contract in which a private sector organisation provides call centre services to the Victorian Government. A model clause must has been developed and must be included in all procurement contracts.

Public sector procurement templates  

Download the checklist for compliance:

Download the model contract clause

Further information

Industrial Relations Victoria can provide information and assistance to departments and agencies about the application of the Call Centre Code. 

Contact Industrial Relations Victoria: email

Page last updated: 7 December 2017