Department's organisation chart

The organisation chart shows our Ministers and executive-level staff and the structure of reporting lines across the department.

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Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

Our DJPR Story

Here at the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, we’re firmly focused on Victoria’s economic recovery and growth, ensuring it benefits all Victorians – by creating more jobs for more people, building thriving places and regions, and supporting inclusive communities.

The Hon Martin Pakula MP

Minister for Industry Support and Recovery
Minister for Business Precincts
Minister for Trade
Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events
Minister for Racing
[DJPR Co-ordinating Minister]

Jaala Pulford MP

Minister for Employment
Minister for Innovation, Medical Research and the Digital Economy
Minister for Resources
Minister for Small Business

Mary-Anne Thomas

Minister for Agriculture
Minister for Regional Development
[Minister for Cross Border Coordination]

Shaun Leane MP

Minister for Suburban Development
Minister for Local Government

Danny Pearson MP

Minister for Creative Industries

The Hon Ros Spence MP

Minister for Community Sport

Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

Simon Phemister - Secretary

Penelope McKay - Associate Secretary^

Cross-portfolio functions

Strategic Communications and Marketing

Tess Hughes - Chief Communications Officer^

Strategy and Priority Projects

Cam Nolan - Associate Deputy Secretary

Strategy and Priority Projects

Priority Projects Unit

Economic Policy

Data and Analysis

Design and Evaluation

Melbourne Arts Precinct Board

Melbourne Arts Precinct Transformation

Alex Kamenev - Interim Chief Executive Officer#^

Industry Coordination and Recovery ~

Jim Round - Acting Deputy Secretary*

Strategy and Preparedness

Kylie Castissios - Executive Director

Industry Recovery and Engagement

Joseph Lawrence - Executive Director

Industry Information and Coordination

Felicia Cousins - Executive Director

Deputy State Controller

Michelle Delaire - Executive Director

COVID Ministerial Coordination and Special Projects

David Burns - Acting Executive Director

Business Engagement and Events

Anthony Sherry - Executive Director

Jobs, Innovation and Business Engagement

David Latina - Deputy Secretary^

Industry Development and Participation

Nanette Fitzgerald - Associate Deputy Secretary

Commercial Services

Ben Stewart - Associate Deputy Secretary

Telecomms and Digital Economy

Chris Dowling - Executive Director

Innovation, and Medical Research

Connie Crisafi - Executive Director

Talent and Migration

Andrew Tulloch - Executive Director

Business Investment and Engagement (including Metro VGBOS)

Hugh Moor - Executive Director


Brad Ostermeyer - Executive Director

Capture Teams

Unni Menon - Acting Executive Director

Aviation Strategy and Services

Unni Menon - Executive Director

Small Business Victoria

Ylva Carosone - Acting Executive Director

Policy and Regulation Reform

Robyn White - Director

Office of the Lead Scientist

Amanda Caples - Lead Scientist

Corporate Services and Delivery

Glenn Barr - Associate Deputy Secretary Corporate Services

Andrew Parsons - Associate Deputy Secretary^ Delivery

People and Culture

Annie Reeves - Executive Director

Investment and Procurement

Jessica Lambous - Executive Director

Corporate Strategy

Lara Carton - Acting Executive Director

Information Services

Mardi Solomon - Acting Executive Director

Legal and Legislation

Margot Brown - Executive Director and General Counsel

Financial and Property Services

Lynnere Gray - Acting Chief Financial Officer

Reporting to Associate Secretary Delivery

Program Centre

Ajay Satyan - Acting Executive Director

Customer Experience

Jonathan Ciullo - Executive Director

Delivery Centre

Mark Wiggins - Executive Director, Delivery

Jonathan Ciullo - Executive Director, COVID-19 Grant Policy

Kim McGinnes - Executive Director, COVID-19 Grant Portfolio Management

Employment and Inclusion

David Clements - Deputy Secretary^

Jobs Victoria

Lisa Buckingham - Chief Executive Officer

Strategy and Engagement

Sharn Enzinger - Executive Director


Genevieve Schrieber - Acting Executive Director

Technology and Insights

Brad Petry - Executive Director

Policy and Strategy

Katrina Currie - Executive Director

Aboriginal Self Determination

Andrew Jackomos - Special Adviser

Aboriginal Economic Development

Hans Bokelund - Acting Executive Director

Social Procurement and Enterprise

Jeremy Levine - Director

Place Based Reform and Delivery

Frances Martin - Director

Creative, Sport and Visitor Economy

Andrew Abbott - Deputy Secretary^

Creative Victoria

Andrew Abbott - Chief Executive

Creative Victoria - Creative Industries

Michael Hudson - Acting Executive Director

Creative Victoria - Governance and Infrastructure

Max Coffman - Executive Director

Sport, Recreation and Racing

Peter Betson - Associate Deputy Secretary

Community Sport and Recreation

Georgina McCann - Executive Director

Tourism and Events

Claire Febey - Associate Deputy Secretary

Tourism, Events and the Visitor Economy

Natalie Phillips - Executive Director

Public Events Team

Bridie O'Donnell - Executive Director

Strategy and Projects

Marina Henley - Executive Director

Global Victoria

Gönül Serbest - Chief Executive Officer^

International Commissioners for Victoria


Paul Stagg - Director

International Education

Fiona Letos - Director

Global Engagement

Sara Sahely - Director

Global Partnerships and Projects

John Butler - Executive Director

Export Recovery Program

Diana Crvenkovic - Director

Local Government and Suburban Development

Emily Phillips - Deputy Secretary^

Local Government Victoria

Julie Reid - Executive Director

Office for Suburban Development

Sara Harbidge - Executive Director

Inner South East

Inner Metropolitan

Joel Backwell - Regional Director

Emergency Coordination and Resilience

Rachaele May - Executive Director

Rural and Regional Victoria

Beth Jones - Deputy Secretary^

Regional Development Victoria

Beth Jones - Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Schinck - Executive Director Regions

Barwon South West

Paul Roth - Regional Director


Jim Rodgers - Acting Regional Director


Matt Nelson - Regional Director


Sara Rhodes-Ward - Regional Director

Loddon Mallee

Rachel Lee - Regional Director

Rural and Regional Policy and Strategy

Maxine Loynd - Executive Director

Engagement and Integration

Christine Tyrrell - Executive Director


John Krbaleski - Head

Latrobe Valley Authority

Karen Cain - Chief Executive Officer

Cross Border Commissioner

Luke Wilson


Matt Lowe - Deputy Secretary^

Agriculture Victoria Research

German Spangenberg - Head

Agriculture Policy

Melinda Knapp - Acting Executive Director

Biosecurity and Agriculture Services

Biosecurity services

Katherine Clift - Executive Director

Agriculture Services and Regions

Dougal Purcell - Executive Director

Animal Welfare Victoria, Agriculture Regulatory Policy

Sally Fensling - Executive Director

Business and Finance Services

Bronwyn Clarke - Director

Forestry and Climate Change

Paul Smith - Deputy Secretary^

Forestry Policy and Game

Phuong Tram - Executive Director

Forestry and Fibre Innovation

Nathan Trushell - Executive Director

Policy and Regulation

Nathan Lambert - Executive Director

Commercial Development and Facilitation

Donna Findlay - Executive Director

Climate Change in Industry Transition

Pauline Kennedy - Principal Adviser

^ DJPR Executive Board members

~ Works across all groups to deliver

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