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[Title:  Women@Work Conference 2018]

Martine Harte - Director of Engaging Women

The gender pay gap is real, we knew that.

The gender pay gap hurts business.

The benefits of taking steps towards gender pay equality include healthier, more productive workplaces with better business results, and better connections to customers of all types in the real world.

[Vision:  Panel listening to Liberty Sanger speak]

Liberty Sanger - Chair of the Equal Workplaces Advisory Council

[Vision:  Photograph of people willing to take the pledge]

For too long we've all been turning up to forums and seminars when we hear about the gender pay gap hovering between 15 and 20%.

That's been the case for about 50 years.

Not enough has changed.

[Vision:  Photograph of people taking the pledge]

Natalie Hutchins - Minister for Industrial Relations and Minister for Women

What today is about is how do we deliver whole package to make real change?

And how, as a state government, can we support you in doing that?

[Vision:  Victorian Government department representatives taking the pledge - Liberty Sanger speaking]

As we all know, without a strategy nothing changes.

[Vision:  Photograph of someone taking the pledge]

It is now more important than ever to embrace the momentum and develop female leaders who are empowered to make a difference.

Nicola Street - National Manager - Workplace Relations Policy at AI Group

The evidence now is pretty clear that businesses that have a more diverse workforce and leadership team outperform those who don't.

[Vision:  Photograph of people taking the pledge]

Fiona Vines - Global Head, Inclusion & Diversity at BHP

Not only are you missing out on, you know, a very sizeable chunk of the talent pool out there, but you're also missing out on all the benefits that this workforce bring.

If women at participating in the workforce they're earning more money and they're spending more money creating more, you know, activity in the economy and that's actually benefiting everybody.

[Vision:  Photograph of people taking the pledge]

Hannah O'Brien - Head of Operations at Girl Geek Academy

We're trying to encourage more women to look at STEM careers and Our Found Start-ups.  We want the women who are encouraging to go into these careers to be paid really well.

And we also want to see them retained within these careers.

So we want them to be appropriately compensated so they want to stick around.

[Vision:  Photograph of people taking the pledge - Hannah O'Brien speaking]

I'm asking you to consider supporting the pledge.

[Vision:  Ladies posing for photograph - Hannah O'Brien speaking]

The pledge for gender pay equity across our workplaces here in Victoria, by taking a stand and committing to this pledge we can move to making our workplaces fairer.


Organisations who have signed the pledge thus far to initiate action plans to reduce the gap in their workplaces are:

Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources

Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Premier and Cabinet

Department of Justice and Regulation

The Victoria Police

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Department of Education and Training

Department of Treasury and Finance

Industrial Relations Victoria

Emergency Services and State Superannuation Board

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Energy Australia

Deakin University



Wodonga Council

Girl Geek Academy

Property Promotions.Com

Auspicious Arts Projects

Eastern Domestic Violence Service

Uniting Vic. Tas.


Yarra Valley Water

Youth Projects

La Concierge Pty Ltd


Apprenticeships Matter from Greensborough

Victorian Council of Social Service]

[VICTORIA State Government]

[Speaker:  Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

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