The Equal Workplaces Advisory Council

The Equal Workplaces Advisory Council was established to promote gender equality in Victorian workplaces. The council currently reports to and advises the Minister for Industrial Relations - about initiatives that will tackle the gap in women's pay and workforce participation, including gendered occupational segregation.

Council chair and members

The council is chaired by Liberty Sanger, National Practice Group Leader at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and one of Victoria's most respected workplace lawyers.

In addition to the chair, the members of the council are:

  • Andrea Carson – Lecturer, University of Melbourne
  • Sara Charlesworth – Professor, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • Barbara Cullen – Director, Small Business Victoria, DEDJTR
  • Catherine Dixon – Executive Director, Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission
  • Emma King – Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Council of Social Services
  • Kathryn McAnalley – Manager, Employment Policy, DEDJTR
  • Katherine Smith – Senior Industry Policy Adviser, Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Kimberly White – Workplace Adviser, Australian Industry Group
  • Ingrid Stitt – Secretary, Australian Services Union
  • Wilhelmina Stracke – Industrial Campaigns Officer, Victorian Trades Hall Council,
  • Lissa Zass – Director, Industrial Relations Victoria, DEDJTR

Victorian Government Gender Equality Pledge

Organisations and individuals can now register a Pledge to show a commitment to actions that will support gender equality in Victorian workplaces.

The Women@Work Conference

The council is a key founding reform of the Victorian Government's Gender Equality Strategy in recognition that private and public sector workplaces are key settings to drive women's economic security and independence.

More information can be found on the Women@Work Conference page

Page last updated: 4 October 2018