Top research scientists celebrated

Published: 22 November 2019

Victoria’s best and brightest have been recognised at the 2019 Victoria Prize and Fellowship Awards.

Portrait shot of Timothy ScottThe Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation is the state’s most prestigious award for the life sciences and physical sciences, acknowledging individuals in Victoria that have advanced knowledge within their field and demonstrated excellence in leadership.

Associate Professor Timothy Scott was awarded a $150,000 veski innovation fellowship to undertake key research to improve the 3D printing processes for manufacturing production needs.

Monash University will match this fellowship to bring Associate Professor Scott, from the University of Michigan and continue his groundbreaking research in Victoria.

Professor Michael BerkProfessor Michael Berk from Deakin University and the National Health and Medical Research Council were awarded the $50,000 Victoria Prize for Life Sciences, for his research into risk factors and effective treatments of psychological conditions such as bipolar disorder.

In a career spanning more than two decades and more than 950 papers, Professor Berk’s research has improved our understanding of mental illness to such as degree that he is listed by Thompson Reuters as one of the world’s most influential scientific minds.

Professor Anthony BurkittThe $50,000 Victoria Prize for Physical Sciences has been awarded to engineer Professor Anthony Burkitt from The University of Melbourne and The Bionics Institute, for his research into the behaviour and function of the brain in order to help people with sensory or brain disorders.

A world leader in medical bionics and computational neuroscience, Professor Burkitt’s leading achievement to date is the development of the bionic eye, giving prosthetic vision to blind patients.

Twelve Victoria Fellowships were also awarded to early career researchers each valued at up to $18,000, allowing them to carry out overseas study missions to further their research.

Veski has delivered the Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation and Victoria Fellowships on behalf of the Victorian Government since 2013.

For further information visit the veski website.