New Space Agency set to take off in Victoria

Published: 9 July 2018

The Victorian Government recently launched a campaign to make Victoria the home of the new Australian Space Agency – to grow Victoria’s thriving space industry, create jobs and boost the state’s economy.

Victoria is the ideal home for the new agency and its advanced manufacturing and data science sectors, with more than one-in-five Australian space-related science and technology companies based here.

Victoria is also well positioned both commercially and geographically to be the physical centre and a focal point for coordinating national and international collaboration on space and attracting global investment. Some of the world’s biggest names in aerospace – including Lockheed Martin, Thales, Boeing and BAE Systems – carry out aerospace research, development and manufacturing in Victoria.

Lockheed Martin established its first multi-disciplinary research facility outside the United States, STELarLab, in Melbourne and the Bureau of Meteorology – the biggest user of space technology in Australia – is based in Melbourne, as is the leading Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information.

Victoria’s research and development capabilities in this sector are world-class. Swinburne University has partnered with the California Institute of Technology, giving the institute unique access to the Keck Observatory in Hawaii.

La Trobe University has a $20 million partnership with the German Space Agency to develop and design a super-sharp-image camera to fly on the International Space Station.

The global space industry is forecast to be worth more than $1 trillion by 2040, Victoria can help see Australia’s share of this market increase to tens of billions of dollars, potentially creating 20,000 jobs.