New push to help more Victorians find work and keep it

Published: 28 October 2019

Jobsbank teamThe Victorian Government is supporting a new entity, JobsBank, to help long-term and priority jobseekers secure stable and suitable employment.

JobsBank is an independent, for-purpose organisation working in partnership with government, business and the community sector to provide employers with support to recruit and retain people facing barriers to employment.

Unemployment rates in Victoria are low at 4.7 per cent but not all Victorians are benefiting from the state’s economic growth.

Some people face greater barriers to finding work such as older Victorians, those from refugee or migrant backgrounds and early school leavers. Many businesses are also struggling to meet their labour needs and access priority jobseekers.

Diverse and inclusive workplaces are good for business and hundreds of Victorian businesses have experienced the benefits – but it can be difficult for employers to know where to begin.

The Victorian Government is committed to addressing this, building on its $100 million investment in Jobs Victoria to create a fairer and more inclusive economy and drive long-term change.

One of the key findings from services like Jobs Victoria has been that employers need greater support to ensure jobseekers find sustainable employment opportunities.

JobsBank will partner with employers to create more opportunities for priority jobseekers and support businesses to build on the government’s social procurement framework and infrastructure projects.

The Victorian Government has committed $2.2 million for JobsBank in the 2019-20 Budget.

JobsBank is facilitating its first demonstration project Out for Good, in partnership with business and government, which aims to place 50 young people in contact or at risk of contact with the justice system into construction jobs.

The organisation has an independent board, chaired by Associate Director at RMIT University and former Minister for Industry and Employment, Wade Noonan.

More information on JobsBank is available at