Motorsport fans pack Melbourne for this year’s Grand Prix

Published: 27 March 2019

F1 racing car at the Albert Park racecourse at the Grad Prix

Attendance figures from this month’s Australian Grand Prix demonstrate it remains one of the most popular major events on Melbourne’s tourism calendar.

324,000 motorsport fans from Australia and overseas packed Albert Park across the four days of racing and events, up from 295,000 in 2018. The attendance figures weren’t just up from the previous Grand Prix, they were the highest figures since 2005.

This year’s Grand Prix also saw a number of firsts since the Grand Prix arrived in Melbourne in 1996, with Federation Square hosting the first ever Formula 1 Season Launch event in Australia. Victoria also welcomed the debut of female drivers in the Asia Pacific leg of the international Ferrari Challenge series.

The exposure is vital for Victorian tourism, with Melbourne beaming across TV screens around the world, including in key trading partners such as China, India and Japan.

This exposure, mixed with the rise in tourists flocking to Victoria for the race and other major events, generates economic benefits of over $1.8 billion to Victoria’s economy and provides around 4700 full-time equivalent jobs in the broader event industry.