Driving innovation in Victoria’s automotive technology sector

Published: 24 August 2021

Aeriel view of the Bosch buildingThe Victorian Government has supported the automotive industry to adapt and grow into new markets during a challenging transition period after traditional car manufacturing came to an end in 2017.

Significant investment is expected to create a combined injection of more than $36 million in the state, creating 130 new jobs.

Major companies are drawing on Victoria’s talent pool of advanced manufacturing, design and engineering skills to innovate and adopt new technologies to grow their businesses.

Bosch Australia has opened the door to its new Manufacturing Automation Centre in Clayton that will provide cutting edge manufacturing technology and consultancy to its national and international customers.

The new centre will house the company’s expanded manufacturing solutions business, redirecting its in-house automotive expertise and capitalising on its highly skilled workforce to service the medical technologies, food and beverage, and advanced manufacturing industries. As a leading global manufacturer of electronic components, the company is currently developing highly automated driving technology that has been tested on Victorian rural and urban roads.

ARB, Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of four-wheel-drive accessories, is redeveloping and expanding its global headquarters in Kilsyth. The new headquarters will be home to 100 engineers and a world-class engineering research and development centre, allowing the company to showcase their innovation capabilities to international customers and take advantage of its fast-growing export demand.

Premcar, an Australian product engineering and manufacturing business, is expanding its secondary vehicle manufacturing facility in Epping. The expansion will allow the company to grow its product development capability and capitalise on new business opportunities with its original equipment customers such as Nissan Australia and Ford Australia.

APV Corporation, a global supplier of safety products and testing services, is investing in the latest global crash test dummies at its vehicle crash test centre in Campbellfield. The centre plays a vital role in transport safety, enabling crash and safety testing of vehicles and their components to assess impact on injury to drivers and passengers, and is critical in supporting Victoria’s automotive, defence and aviation industries.

A wave of new innovative automotive technology is advancing the industry to deliver vehicles of the future, driven by global demand for electric and autonomous vehicles.

The Victorian Government will continue to invest in enhancing product development within the automotive industry and support businesses to capitalise on the opportunities and sustained talent available here in Victoria, ensuring we remain at the forefront of advanced manufacturing, innovation and technology.