Boosting skills and promoting jobs in the naval shipbuilding sector

Published: 24 May 2021

Victoria’s naval shipbuilding sector has been strengthened by an agreement signed between the Naval Shipbuilding College (NSC) and the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, on behalf of the Victorian Government. The agreement commits to greater collaboration and advocacy to support the state’s skilled workers, naval shipbuilding industry and the broader Victorian economy, resulting in a skilled Victorian workforce ready to take up new jobs.

shipbuilding activityVictoria has a long history of capability and excellence in the maritime defence industry. ANZAC-class frigates, Air Warfare Destroyers and the Canberra Class Amphibious Assault Ship (also known as the Landing Helicopter Dock) have all been made in Victoria, demonstrating our significant naval shipbuilding expertise.

The shipbuilding and manufacturing sector will continue to be a significant employer in the future as major naval shipbuilding projects commence through the National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise and international partnerships. This collaboration between the NSC and the Victorian Government will help prepare Victoria’s maritime supply chain workforce for these major projects. Over 300 companies are involved in Victoria’s naval maritime industry and more than 240 in the submarine industry.

The partnership will mainly be implemented through the NSC, a Commonwealth Government initiative that will support the naval shipbuilding industry and supply chain businesses to identify, skill and retain that workforce for future decades.

The partnership spans education and training, skills development, job creation and industry demand, with the reach to understand the needs of the sector and strategically target the areas that require most focus. The Department of Education and Training will deliver key elements related to skills and workforce development.

The NSC works closely with educational institutions in Victoria including RMIT University and Chisholm TAFE. This alignment of priorities between government, education and training, and industry and workforce benefits all involved, building confidence and capability in this growing sector. The NSC demonstrates how the naval shipbuilding industry is highly skilled and in demand.

Through partnering with the NSC, Victoria is ensuring our wealth of engineering talent and current workforce are best placed to capitalise on the current sector growth and demonstrate the strength and outstanding quality of our industry globally.

The Naval Shipbuilding Institute operates the Naval Shipbuilding College on behalf of the Commonwealth Government. The NSC has many industry partners, working with large and small companies to build the workforce that’s required for the thriving sector.

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