Public transport fines

This page has information to help people who have received a fine (Infringement Notice) on Melbourne's public transport system and railway station car parks.

Please visit the Internal review page for information on how to request the review of a fine.

Information on this page

Fairer fare enforcement

On 1 January 2017, a new approach to fare compliance was introduced.

The new approach is fairer, allows the use of warnings in certain circumstances, and replaces the old two-tiered approach of infringements and on the spot penalty fares.

 Key features of the new approach include:

  • no more on the spot penalty fares
  • greater leniency and discretion
  • more systematic use of warnings in certain circumstances for passengers who inadvertently do not pay their fare
  • targets repeat and deliberate fare evaders
  • better training and support for Authorised Officers
  • improved infringement processing
  • myki system upgrades

For more information see Fairer Fair Enforcement

Authorised Officers

If you have spoken with an Authorised Officer who believes you have committed a transport offence, the Authorised Officer will send a report to the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources for review. Authorised Officers don't issue warnings or fines.

The department reviews the Authorised Officer's report and issues a: 

  • fine
  • warning
  • court summons
  • no further action

If an Authorised Officer has spoken to you about multiple or serious offences you may receive a summons to go to Court. The department will send you information on its decision by post. 

Your options are explained on the infringement notice and detailed below. 

Your options

Pay your fine

You can pay your fine in full in the following ways:

  • online
  • in person at any post office
  • by phone on 1300 303 505
  • by mail: detach the payment section of the fine. Send it with a non-negotiable cheque or money order (do not send cash) to:

Client Services Team
Public Transport Regulatory Operations
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
GPO Box 2392
Melbourne VIC 3001

Request a payment extension

If you are unable to pay a fine by the due date, you may ask for an extension to the deadline.

Payment extensions are usually only granted once and for a maximum of 90 days.

All payment extension requests should be submitted via email and must include:

  • infringement number
  • name
  • address  
  • reason for requesting an extension
  • contact number.

If you would like to apply for an extension, send an email to Public Transport Regulatory Operations

To ask the department to refer a fine to the Director, Fines Victoria to manage as a payment arrangement, please call 1300 135 066.

Legal Assistance

If required you can get advice from:

Interpreting Service

If require an interpreting service you can telephone 13 14 50 or visit the Translating and Interpreting Service website for more information.

Request an internal review

You may apply to the department for an internal review if you believe that:

  • there has been a defect or mistake made in issuing the infringement notice
  • the fine has been sent to the wrong person
  • you have special circumstances (see detail on the Infringement Notice)
  • there are other exceptional circumstances.

Please refer to the Internal review page for information on how to request the review of a fine.

Official warnings

It is not possible to specifically request to replace a fine with an official warning. If you believe that there was a mistake in issuing the infringement notice, or there were special or exceptional circumstances, you may apply to the department for an internal review. The department will review the request, as well as any available evidence, then make a decision on what action to take.

Please refer to the Internal review page for information on how to request the review of a fine.

Request to have the matter heard in Court

Your infringement notice contains information about having your matter heard and decided by the Court.

Old and lost fines

When a fine is issued, you will have 28 days to pay.If your due date for payment has passed, you need to call 1300 135 066. There may be additional costs for late payments.

Lost fines

If you lose your infringement notice, call 1300 135 066 as soon as possible and provide as much information as you can. We will send you a copy of your fine.

Types of public transport offences and fine amounts

For a full list of current fines, see Automatic indexation of fees and penalties. The amounts below are effective as at 1 July 2018.

Examples of public transport fines Fine for Adult Fine for Child (under 18)
Failing to produce a valid ticket $242 $81
Failing to produce evidence of concession $242 $81
Smoking in or on a vehicle, tram stop shelter, bus stop shelter, train platform, compulsory ticket area, tram stop platform, or where there is a notice $242 $81
Littering on a vehicle or premises $242 $81
Placing feet on anything other than the floor, or a part of a public transport vehicle designed for the placement of feet, without a reasonable excuse $242 $81
Trespassing $322 $81
Behaving in an obscene, offensive, threatening, disorderly or riotous manner $322 $81
Interfering with gates or doors on a vehicle or premises without a reasonable excuse $403 $81
Travelling on part of a vehicle not meant for travel without reasonable excuse $403 $81
Leaving a motor vehicle parked in a public transport parking area without using public transport $97 N/A

Revenue from fines

Revenue from fines is returned to State Government consolidated revenue. As public transport operators employ most Authorised Officers, an administration fee per fine is paid to the operators to help cover costs incurred in the ticket enforcement process.

Page last updated: 29 June 2018