VPS Asia capabilities and scholarship program

The department has established a VPS Asia Capabilities and Scholarships Program in order to strengthen Victoria's international profile and economic development.

International engagement is vital to the success of Victoria's investment and trade objectives, with Asia playing a key role in the state's economic development. Building deeper understanding and capabilities in the public service will assist in developing informed policy on international engagement in the region. Victorian Public Service (VPS) staff will be better placed to identify and implement opportunities relating to investment attraction, trade promotion and international partnership development.

The VPS Asia Capabilities and Scholarships Program offers Victorian Public Service staff a range of opportunities to increase their knowledge of and engagement with Asia.

International assignment opportunities

The VPS International Assignment Program will provide opportunities for VPS staff engaged in investment attraction and trade to undertake specific projects, research and/or policy development work in key Asian cities.

In-market Chinese language scholarship opportunities

This stream will provide opportunities for VPS staff to undertake a one to two month intensive Chinese language course at Nanjing University in Jiangsu Province, China.

Workshops and training

The department will partner with key stakeholders to deliver workshops and training focussing on Asia capabilities, cultural intelligence and protocols and exploring country-specific business, political and economic environments.

Partnerships and engagement

The department will partner with key stakeholders to deliver forums and seminars that will provide VPS staff the opportunity to engage with and learn from industry, government and academic leaders with first-hand experience in Asia engagement.

VPS staff participating in this program must demonstrate a strong professional interest in Victoria's investment and trade objectives.

As this is an internal to government training program, please email the program team for further information about how to apply, for a copy of guidelines, expressions of interest forms or timing.

Page last updated: 5 January 2017