Application process

Applications for the 2020 Science Graduate program are open from 5 July 2019. Please see information on the application process and frequently asked questions to assist with next steps.

Stage 1 - Your application (July)

At application stage, candidates are required to provide personal information and respond to a questionnaire.

The questionnaire includes a motivational question, a qualification and skills question and a behavioural question.

Candidates need to attach an up to date resume. There is no requirement to include a cover letter.

Capabilities Assessed at Application Stage: Motivation to work in the Science and Planning Graduate Program, Adaptability and Written Communication.

Stage 2 - Online testing (August)

If you are shortlisted you will proceed to Stage 2, where you'll be asked to complete an online verbal numeric and abstract reasoning test (these tests are often called 'psychometric tests').

Candidates who complete these tests competitively will be invited to attend an assessment centre. It is a 20-minute timed assessment.

Capabilities Assessed at the Application Stage: Problem Solving.

If you would like some help with preparation for psychometric testing, ask your university careers staff who will be able to provide you with plenty of assistance.

Stage 3 - Assessment centre (September)

If you get a satisfactory result in the psychometric tests, you will be eligible to attend the assessment centre, which is held over half a day in Melbourne.

You will work in groups to solve specific scenarios, completing a written report and doing an individual presentation.

We make the environment as comfortable as possible, so you can adequately demonstrate your skills.

  • Capabilities Assessed at Interview:  Motivation to work in the Science Graduate Program, Interpersonal skills and teamwork, Adaptability, Verbal Communication
  • Capabilities Assessed at Group Activity: Problem Solving, Initiative, Interpersonal skills and teamwork
  • Capabilities Assessed at Written Activity: Problem Solving, Initiative, Written Communication


  • Be yourself – we're looking for a range of different skills to fit into our teams. There is no single 'ideal' type!
  • Be honest.

Stage 4 - Interview (October)

The final part of the selection process is the interview.

By this stage there are usually three to four candidates for each graduate position.

Naturally, the candidate who is considered the best fit for each position will be offered a place.

At the interview you'll be able to elaborate on your skills and achievements and to tell us about any challenges you've faced and problems you've solved.


  • Take the opportunity to find out who is on the interview panel and what their roles are in the organisation
  • Think about questions you want to ask about the job - and ask them!

Page last updated: 5 July 2019